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  1. Looking for a ep82 white boot and passengers wind deflector

  2. I’m after headlights and all the bits to convert back from quads
  3. Spotted in Tonbridge today on the industrial estate about 5.40
  4. Anyone got any standard head lights, grill etc. I've got quads but want to change back
  5. Littlelake


    Hi does anyone have any standard headlights for sale and also looking for a white boot with the cluster on?
  6. No the standard ones
  7. Littlelake


    Hi I'm looking for a standard set of headlights foe a ep82?
  8. Has anyone ever had a track rod end pop off? No damage and the bolt was loose.
  9. Make sure the starter lead is plugged on. Mine pops off n does the same thing!
  10. I got my battery from halfords
  11. Totally agree! I can't believe they are not making them anymore
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