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  1. Yeah it’s what it deserves, I’m just glad Simon saved it for me. just used spray cans mate, it’s not a mega long lasting finish but I used to change it every year so it didn’t matter. Yeah when I got the first starlet it was 5 years old I think.it was pretty mint anyway. But yes, my first is no longer on the road unfortunately.
  2. A mate of mine Simon@fiske automotive needed a shell for a project, he found it in the hands of a well known (until recently) breaker. He bought it with the intention of using it for that project, however I showed interest in buying it back, and here we are!
  3. Thread resurrection. i have now purchased back my old glanza v. it is a wreck at the moment, however o plan to restore it to the car I used to adore before I sold it in 2010. This is how it currently sits.
  4. Some ancient members on here may remember me, but I’ve been around starlets since 2002 when I owned my first starlet 1.3 life (Australian import) i sold that to buy my 98 spec glanza v, as far as I’m aware it was the second 98 spec glanza to be imported into the uk. i sold it to buy my supra in January 2010 during ownership of the supra I’ve had two daily’s the first was a paseo the next was a starlet sr that was a glanza rep. Currently owned by Rory off here. (The car was affectionately named tank) and now I’ve managed to buy back my glanza v. shes a bit of
  5. Great to see you're giving him some love!
  6. Back when I owned him http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/53652-back-in-a-starlet/page-2#entry740152
  7. Not sure, do you have a pic of the part number on the side?
  8. Needed ASAP if anyone has one
  9. Anyone got a spare starter relay?
  10. I'm sure I tried a corolla ecu on my old 4efe starlet and it wouldn't run Any wiring diagrams floating about of the ep91 n/a? I don't really want to rip the loom apart, but I'm almost out of options...
  11. I haven't changed the relay itself as there's 12v coming out of it when you turn the key, and 12v arriving at the starter when you turn the key also. Hadn't thought of changing the ecu, haven't got a spare to try however, I may have a go at changing the relay just in case it's not delivering the amps required, but short of that, all I can think of is bypassing the key and fitting a starter button and running all new cables and relay to make it fire. The car aslo has a cobra cat 1 alarm, however it only cuts the fuel, not the ability to turn the engine over, so it can't be that. Is the start
  12. So if I don't fix this issue I'm just gonna end up having an ep91 shaped bonfire, because I'll set the b*****d alight if it keeps this up. So please someone tell me what I'm missing? Had starting issues with my ep91 sr a few months back, would bump start fine, however the car wouldn't crank, I can just hear a 'tick' behind the glovebox when you turn the key (I'm assuming that's the location of the starter relay). So I've had this issue with a few other cars before generally it's a starter solenoid, so I bought a rebuild kit and swiftly changed it over, after the install I bench tested the sta
  13. I dunno, I just miss the stock n/a front end. Anyone got a white n/a that fancies swap over? Money my way obviously.
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