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  1. So maybe it's time a update this . After my fall down with my previous 4efte engine bending the crank (don't know how) I've gone 5e will post some pics currently running .I've stopped at 1bar of boost and rev limit at 8krpm .gearbox doesn't seem like to like it but yeah we know there's no alternative to it hence why I lost interest in it. I've gone side exit its fun even though the person stuck it out the bumper instead of it sitting flush . Currently trying to figure out out why my p/s belt keeps splitting its a 4efte p/s am I using the wrong length or is the
  2. ive run into the exact same problem splits the belt.
  3. Yes I do but haven't updated in a while since I went 5e due to bending a crank. yes its splitting the belt due it being long I assume .I will take pics tomorrow and post. I've gone from a forged 4e to a forged fully built 5e. At most I've only seen people say make spaces for the brackets on power steering or get a shorter belt but no confirmed pictures etc.
  4. as above Maybe this has been discussed before .I cannot find about anything confirmed and being at a place with no help makes it harder . I've done a 5efte using 4efte components .now I'm having an issue where the belt is too long .any shorter belt part number? Or a way of making a bracket or anything I can do to get this problem sorted .at the moment current belt is a ram 4pk940 and is splitting it in half. Please help
  5. Maybe in should start by replacing the stock throttle body and cable . What throttle body can I use as a replacement?
  6. As the topic I'm having trouble with sticky throttle cable. I'm unsure now if it's the throttle body itself giving up. Wanted advise i have a zisco intake stock throttle body. Should I go with another throttle body ? And if so then which one? I have a haltech elite 1500 which supports drive by wire. So is there anyone who can provide a setup which has been done and tested before ? Your help would be highly appreciated
  7. I need some help testing ressistance on my fuel level sending unit .I have tried and I cannot get it right . Could anyone guide me forward .? I need to values to add into my managment to display the fuel level .I have tried to test the resistance but cant see any reading .either the sender unit is dead and has to be replaced . Can I replace it with any sending unit? What should I do .? Correct way of testing it ? I have tried every YouTube video lol.
  8. Hello all . Seems like this year plan on moving onto 5e. I've just found a complete 5e engine. I currently have a 4efte forged. I want to know of the forged internals being wiseco pistons with scat rods are usable on the 5e block after engeering or does the 5e block require a different set of forged internals ? Any help or advice would be helpfull
  9. As above still looking for 1.drivers side door handle 2.front calippers and disc stock good condition
  10. As above looking for glanza door handles . Front standard brake calippers
  11. Had a familiar problem with my rpm gauge not working .found out I needed some signal converter once you go aftermarket ecu .unsure if that was the case because I changed to a racepak dash. Also has an issue with fuel display on the racepak and had to purchase a signal converter unit from haltech. Nice clean build , can see alot of hard work in it.
  12. That' exactly what happened . Seems like the engineer hit a blunder .But managed to get them in .then into another problem .one of the bolts at 40nm just spins round .which means again the engineer has tapped it to big so advised to tap and install a helicoil.
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