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  1. Hi guys please where can I get a MAP sensor for my Glanza? I running TD04 setup Cheers Afzal
  2. Hi looking for map sensor guys please help 



  3. Hi there looking for a stock or after market MAP sensor for Glanza Cheers Afzal
  4. Beautiful build am looking for the standard MAP sensor for my Glanza Cheers Afzal
  5. avster

    Code 52

    Cheers mate will give it a check
  6. avster

    Code 52

    Hi guys my Glanza was standing for some time and battery totally died. Car has a Unichip on it and since i replaced new battery i keep getting a CEL when i do a diagnostic check it say code 52 which is knock sensor. Car has never shown a CEL only now since battery died and it stood for long time is it possible the Unichip has lost its tune or what should i be looking for with this code?
  7. Yeah agree with you thanks for input
  8. please elaborate on semi forged engine if possible thanks
  9. Hi guys know this has been dicussed before but am looking to fully forge my engine have seen Tuning Developments have a nice stage 3 package has anyone used it and how good is it. Also want to replace all rubbers mountings on car myself any recommendations for poly mount upgrade packages would be appreciated. Avster
  10. Hi guys anyone with a new link to this post would like to upgrade my brakes cheers
  11. I am having same problems i have an external waste gate fitted to my screamer pipe i never ever heard my dump valve dumping but have lots of turbo chatter
  12. I am running more boost than the old setup is there any link as to how the plumbing should be as i have mine +- 250mm from the intake manifold. i am running .9 bar boost at highest. I also have an external wastegate fitted to my screamer pipe.
  13. Hi guys just a quick one was wondering why since i installed my TD04 setup my dump valve does not dump i am using a front mount intercooler and installed the dump valve on the cold side of the intake closer to the intake manifold just want to know if this is normal as im not to keen on the turbo chatter as its not dumping.
  14. Thanks for the quick response guys much appreciated Cheers
  15. Hi guys just a quick one need to replace my td04 manifold its cracked quite badly cracked it was a zisco one the mounting bolts that hold near wast-gate came loose and its not easy to weld where its broken. can anyone advise a manifold to purchase. I am in Botswana Africa will need it shipped out here. Am currently running TD04 with stock internals but have plans to rebuild a forged motor in the near future. Thanks Afzal
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