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  1. So i got a set of hubcentric wheel spacers, but I want to put spigot rings on does anyone know the centre bore of buddyclub p1 alloys 15", I measured the wheel at 70mm centre bore, could some1 confirm? Thanks ger
  2. Had the same problem so I got them pressed in, even doe most people were saying they should go in with a tap of a hammer/mallet, even the mechanic that pressed them in said it was alot of pressure to press them in,,
  3. Ah just asked them do they do bleed valves for brake calliper's an they all said no, Rang toyota an they can get them for 9euro for the 2 of them, so will just get them there
  4. Rang at least 4 motor factors and none of them do the bleed valves didn't bother trying the rest, so hope toyota do them, at a prise no doubth,
  5. Good tryed and tested so 👍
  6. sounds simple enough then, did you do it this way?
  7. Right might try that, sound for the help👍
  8. Aw cool that's the job, was worryed couldn't get them, just get them out now, is welding a bolt to it the best bet getting them out??
  9. So went to bleed the brakes but the bleed valves sheared off on the 2 back calliper's when or if i get them out can I buy new 1s from Toyota to screw back in?? Much help needed,, Thanks ger
  10. ah ya just woundering how much it would roughly cost
  11. How much did the welder charge for the job if ya don't mind me asking? Must get it done to my glanza? Would a panel beater do this job??
  12. This info will come in handy when it comes to repairing my sills 👍
  13. Was with liberty on the glanza so they will have me details, Was talking to chill an he said the only way is to transfer my policy bk on the glanza an start new on the golf which will be about 1300 each, Be hard to go paying that for the golf when I'm only paying 460 a year on the golf,
  14. Ya I was told that before, roll on 2018 so, Ah I hoping just to insure it straight away but that hope is fading
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