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Build Thread

Found 4 results

  1. I am going to buy a set of track tyres shortly and I'm deciding what to get. i was either looking at the advan ado8r's or Nankang Ar-1 can i have your opinion on both please? or any other suggestions? I am also debating between 205/50/15 and 195/50/15 I have a set of work RSB's they will be fitted too. unsure of offset but i think they are low 30's. Has anyone got experience of 205 tyres do they catch a lot? i know this is et dependant but is the extra cost worth it for extra grip? Or can anyone recommend a good track tyre setup? do people go wider tyres on fron
  2. Right then guys, probably the most opinionated topic going, but it's interesting to see peoples views on this! Tyres! Yes, you heard it "Dude what tyres you running?" My current choice are Toyo T1's, Brilliant in the dry and I have confidence with them in the corners, struggle to lay the power down though under heavy acceleration. Absolute nightmare in the wet though! I've never known under steer like it! So what's everyone running?
  3. Item For Sale: 13" Steel Wheels 4 Good Tyres 2 Like new Khumo's came with my starlet and no longer needed Item Condition & Description: As the title says, all good condition, bits of rust here and there as expected Price: £50? Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal,Cash on Collection, you can sort your OWN courier, or i could deliver around the south for petrol money
  4. Hi guys! Time to renew my front tyres... I currently have Proxes on the front and Parada's on the back. My boggle is, do I change them to Parada's to match the back? Go with Proxes again? Or is there a better tyre to go for? Road use, moderate to spirited to occasional right place right time abuse. Any thoughts, experiences or opinions appreciated
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