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  1. Reading in 2020. Good info lives on forever gents!
  2. Hi Sam, Thank you for the input. I will gap the plugs a bit closer to see if things improve. I will go COP (From the 2zz motor) with a modified dizzy (Similar to AEM EPM unit with the 24-1 nissan wheel and optical sensor ) if I don't see any positive change come next week. Gibby
  3. Rich at startup? Rich while running? Cut some of the fuel from the fuel VE table. Who tuning your car?
  4. Good day all, Is anyone running the AEM EMS-4 on their 4efte/5efte with the stock ignition (dizzy/distributor)? I am asking because I seem to have "noise" on the cam input which cause the car to sputter & jerk between 3k-4k rpm. Once you clear this area, the car is smooth. I logged and reviewed and it's not lean in the specified area. I've read you can use resistor to clean this up so the car can rev out clean but I have not seen a write up or pics on how to do this. Have anyone installed this EMS before? If yes, did you all have similar problem and how did you solve it. Any infor
  5. On the gauge, at idle you should be reading -20 or a bit more.
  6. What turbo do you have on? Any vacuum leaks noticeable on the boost gauge?
  7. Try changing that map sensor and do a diagnostics test again. See if it's the same. Does the software for the dastek show the same 8psi? I would see that in tunerstudio for the Megasquirt. Confirm if the dastek is tuned for the higher rpms/boost?
  8. What ECU are you running by chance? If standalone, is it tuned for boost?
  9. take a datalog and see what is happening..... I had an issue like that with the Megasquirt. The overboost protection value was too low and I also re-scaled my tables. Had to remap.
  10. I have a gt2871r on my 5E. This spools way better than the 4E The gt2860rs is better suited to the 4E
  11. Spend once, go TD04 and save on the minor upgrades you will eventually grow tired of. I went through all those mods and looking back, it's wasted money, time and effort. Go big one time, enjoy the benefits. In my case, I sorry I didn't go gt28 one time, TD04 is no comparison to it.
  12. That manifold is sweet. What management are you planning to use?
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