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  1. you can get from here https://allegro.pl/oferta/ecumaster-det-3-map-4b-fmic-tuning-8843657045
  2. Hey man i have same issue after importing Glanza EP91 from Japan to Poland. Did you found solution ??
  3. I would say it’s very standard and require lots of work to looks like one of your’s guys
  4. Hey mate Did you sorted out headlight beams issue? Just get Glanza from Japan and have same issue as you,
  5. Hello All Good to be part of the Starlet/Glanza group of lovers. My Glanza EP91 1996 just arrived directly from Japan and looking forward to spend some money 😉 Sunroof version with : Tein springs Volk Racing TR37 15' After market exhaust - didn't check what brand HKS turbo timer HKS FCD ~~~Future target 200hp~~~~
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