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    To achieve a very efficient engine target is 200+hp 200+ftlds @ as close to 40mpg. These are modern day production line and race car requirements.

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    Chemistry, Physics, and maths tells me what to expect.
    I find enjoyment in advancing to the points which new algorithms are required.
    I'm also liking seeing how far I can push the fuel, thermal, volumetric efficiency of this Toyota E series engine using the light weight not very safe ep91 platform.
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  1. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    here we go again. i love the french they certainly know how to fuck about. Renault are fragmented and abit of a mess . ive got my fingers crossed they can get there act together. that car and engine is starting look good (now Ferrari have been told to stop cheating). i really cant wait for this and next year, IM OFFICIALLY A SEB VETTLE fan. lets see if these young lads are as good as all the hyp now seb has a merc under him and recardo has a merc under him haha. game on guys its going to be crazy. ive got my eyes firmly fixed on the lap times compared to last years,
  2. yeh ill message it you soon. they do look good plus should last along time. cheers i have had some crazy cars most are turbos, but im simply staggered by what this little thing can do. the times its achieving already are super car level, and it does not have to be driven in anger/hard at all to hit them. the handling is also crazy. im really glad i came across them when i did.
  3. Yeh head down and onwards. I was looking forward to getting it dynoed and seeing the mighty torque curve it has/I'm feeling. Plus getting some speed figures recorded. This little thing puts it down and scores very very big figures, for the car it is/cost. How are you doing, and tell me what you've been up to with yours.
  4. Well looks like I'm stuck over seas for now with this covid situation. I've just recently purchased A power enterprise Kevlar cam belt. I really am itching to get back and get driving it as well as fitting some of the new parts.
  5. really enjoying your build, great work. the ct9 b you have there are a rare item. well worth keeping in great condition.
  6. Sam44

    2020 motor sport

    For me personally I think red bull are clutching at straws hoping for a quick fix with young talent, driving at these speeds in these cars takes experience not raw talent. I'm loosing faith in Christian Horner fast. The team and cars are clearly developed around max another big problem for his team mate as they now need to drive like max to get anywhere. Even thew max is clearly fast this is his 5th season in F1 with no challenge for the title any were to be seen (the dnf king) shows his lack of experience. All Sergio needs to do to beat max is be consistently in the top 5 in
  7. Fantastic stuff. Great work. Keep it up.
  8. Powwer tools oh yeh. Stick this catch can in a cold air stream, and your in business. Great work as always.
  9. Yep nice ep for sure, is that a gt rear spoiler.
  10. Dont worry about time (mine or yours). Take it slow discuss all you need to. I give my time freely, and don't expect anything in return. I enjoy this ALOT.
  11. thanks for sharing, looks like a good track nicely done. ill check out your videos now.
  12. it would be a monster of a vehicle the 3sge and 3sgte engines are power houses. they are also thirsty on fuel the 3sgte runs around 21mpg and the 3sge around 28mpg on a great day. there are afew lads on the corrola owners that have done the swap into the ae101. i would agree with claymore. ive seen to many loved motors go to scrap and money wasted threw complex builds being undertaken. when a build like this are done they take on average around 5 to 10 years to complete. one of the worst things here is to trust someone to do the build for you it rarely gets complet
  13. yeh im stuck in north america for now it look likes with work. i cant wait to get back and see my family. hoping you all are well and getting the jobs done.
  14. Same from me looks well. I think the design & age of the vehicle does suit the orange lenses. Infact both clear & orange work well.
  15. Yeh I'm starting to understand forum's now (I was warned). I've been doing this along time but my first go on these little machines after 1 beat us at brands hatch. This is my first turboed n/a. Message me the others you work on I'd like to check them out.
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