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  1. Here are the new Bushings for the rear beam, What a difference... Its one of those things that you must do at day#1 I found a shop that makes any kind of bushing and rubber mount and at any hardness level. It charged me 35 euro per piece.
  2. So after surviving covid 19 I hope this finds you all well !! We have a Yaris Gr track pack and I had to put the wheels on the starlet to see how bonkers it looks. So the cheap way out was to sandblast and powder coat my existing Turbina Renault wheels I am making new rear beam bushings as we speak and the boost is up to 200kpa now Pink rx400 injectors do the job for now. I am only hitting 90% duty cycle at times.
  3. Could tou send me a pic or the transmission code from the metal tag in the engine compartment ? Thanks 😀
  4. You are absolutely right mate . But thats where the fun is 😂. We dont have ep85 95 in our market so its hard to get one here.
  5. Great car mate. Thanks for those great under car photos of the awd system. I have been looking around for some. I really want to awd my EP71 at this point 😁. Cant afford a Yaris GR so i will build a lighter version of a Starlet GR 😆
  6. Happy new year all. Lets see how 2021 goes for us. 😀 So fender braces where made along with a lower tie bar and a rear strut brace. I also added a front engine mount to keep things nice and tight.
  7. Also thinkig that since i have new control arms to just put a 6mm ot larger spacer instead of the anti lift kit for now. Again any ideas or comments 😀?
  8. You could use a carina box or just get a better stock glanza turbo box.. maybe with a factory lsd.
  9. Hey Guys My current setup is Koni Yellow and Eibach springs. I modified them by inserting a 2cm spacer inside the strut housing and the tightening the lower mounting bolt to get some more travel from the suspension.. I came across a set another Koni yellow setup but this time its from a corolla ZZE121. I like the fact that the front one have thicker piston and I was wondering If anyone has used strut inserts from another car with success. I will have to modify the strut housing from the ZZE121 in order to fit the EP7 and at the same time maybe I will make a threaded sle
  10. So i found the manifold pictures 😊 I made a plug that bolts to outlet and maybe when i stumble on an external wastegate I will put it there 😄
  11. The suspension setup is koni yellows just rebuild ep8 top mounts and eibach springs . About -1.3 camber and slight toe in .. After the track time fenders where off to build some fender braces .. It felt a lot of flex and its time for some bracing. 😀
  12. @Claymore I used an N/A exhaust manifold made a flange for the 12b turbo and outlined it on the manifold. Then I cut the outline (screwed up one manifold lol) and made a tight fit of the flange. Took it at a local welding shop and he welded up the (unweldable cast iron carefully). by the way pick a nice oil free manifold from the wreckers 😆. He did short bursts of welding and let it cool of slowly. I will try to find the pictures and post them. . @sam44 Thank tou for the kind words 😀 Here is a picture with the virgin (non turbo)grille waiting for some track time.
  13. Sorry for the delayed posts guys.. I left off Nov before Covid19 and now I have already 5k km on the car and some track testing done. So from the picture mind the ugly blue coolant hoses , I made a chargecooler and used a hybrid coolant recirculation pump and a radiator from Auris Hybrid.
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