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  1. Do you want noise? If you do modify the airbox and drop in a K@N or any other panel filter. If not just drop in a K&N green etc..
  2. So its time for an Update. Fast forward 6 months I have not lost faith yet !!! The engine is temporarily fitted to figure out turbo location . The radiator support was cut and made removable ! The engine bay was cleaned and sprayed where needed . The radiator was nicely tucked in on the radiator support and as far left as possible. I used the recipe for bigger brakes found on Epic TMC's channel So In my version I Used the Opel Astra 256 rotors but machined the hub instead of the rotor and got some single pot Celica TS calipers. Fit is awesome .. will see in the future how they perform. With white you see the part that hat to go .
  3. So what do you think about stitch welding ? Now the car is stripped down I could stitch it a bit. Which areas do you recommend? Strut towers? Frame rails ?
  4. Anyone knows where to find the valve cover gasket ? It has a stop production from Toyota and no aftermarket luck so far. I made one up for now from a 1zr engine and crazy glue
  5. They would turn the oil creamy alright ! They are easy to mix and cheaper to fix than a head gasket .
  6. Back to action. Valve cover went for a bath on my old dishwasher along with some motor mounts and other parts for a cleanup. if you have an old dishwasher try it out.! I decided to do away with the red turbo logo.. Black on black is my theme.
  7. It's big.. don't know if it's worth any effort. I did notice the cartridge is the same..
  8. Thats what i though too.. I will use the N/A cam as it has more lift on the big intake valve whereas the Turbo cam does that on the small intake valve. .. Now I have to find out what to do with the brand new ct12b I stumbled on.. It looks enormous compared to the ct9 I have..
  9. Thats great. Thanks. Did you make the cage or was it purchased?
  10. Great thread. Love your car. Do you have any info on the roll cage ? I like the way it ties from the strut tower to the front. Do you have more pics of that?
  11. So I took of the valve seats for a better view of the crack. It didn't look any better... so I was tempted to send it of for weld repair but I found a N/A cylinder head in very good shape. So who can spot the differences with the turbo head?
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