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    Volvo HGV mechanic by Trade.
    engineering, engine building. I built my first engine a rover 3.5 V8 at the age of 14!! which I still have now in my 1965 2a land rover.

    Around six years ago I was running a BLITZ K24 kit on my SR conversion @ 1.6 bar low and 1.8 high boost on a standard 4E-FTE but after 3 bottom end rebuilds that was the end of the turbo days for my SR (had no funds for forged bits!) But I still have the car!


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  1. I definitely could come up with something but I would need the wheel to work from.
  2. Bit of an update! I eventually got round to having the bonnet and bumper repaired and painted after about 3 years we had to strip the bonnet right back as the last time it was painted it wasn’t even rubbed down first! I also repainted the intercooler and polished the headlights and the scoop got a fresh coat of lacquer too so they look better now
  3. There isn’t such a thing really, there all a custom fit job.
  4. My post on TGTT from 2011 http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/robs-tutorial-on-how-to-change-clean-pollen-filter.85009/#post-969878
  5. I have a few kicking about mate cover post and ya can have em
  6. Now U just need to get your ass to JAE! the harnees bar supports do look well if I do say so myself
  7. Im 8 years older than you I can but there’s now 3 of the longest owned SRs at the top
  8. Definitely get all the old gitz back up to the top now!
  9. Love the uprated hand brake if you need that guess you’re on discs too
  10. Cheers Rob Its all back on the road now and it got a good clean, needs a lot more yet tho
  11. It’s just about all back together! Just the last bits to finish off now and the rocker cover is finished
  12. I can definitely see a Debbie does Dallas flag up there
  13. I cant believe you've got a Ferrari flag next to a Metallica flag!! what the hell is that all about???
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