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  1. Require a new water temperature sensor and was wondering what the oem part number was. Require the single pin connector
  2. Weazly

    Wheel fitment

    Looking to get new wheels for the Glanza and was wondering if 15x7.5 +42 would fit with stock suspension. And what tire size to go with as well.
  3. Weazly

    EP91 Windscreen

    I was wondering if there are any windscreens that are related to the one on the glanza as i live in canada and i can't seem to find one for the car. Would one from a tercel fit or a pasao?
  4. I'm thinking about swapping out my auto box for a manual but I was wondering if you had to use a glanza gearbox or if I could use one from another Toyota like a tercel.
  5. Has anyone ever heard of or have one and if so how's it sound? Would I be better off buying a full exhaust system instead?
  6. Weazly

    Hello all from Canada

    Thanks Thanks hope I will.
  7. Got a 98 Glanza v in blueish silver as my first car and just trying to learn as much as I can.