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  1. Wheel fitment

    Looking to get new wheels for the Glanza and was wondering if 15x7.5 +42 would fit with stock suspension. And what tire size to go with as well.
  2. EP91 Windscreen

    I was wondering if there are any windscreens that are related to the one on the glanza as i live in canada and i can't seem to find one for the car. Would one from a tercel fit or a pasao?
  3. I'm thinking about swapping out my auto box for a manual but I was wondering if you had to use a glanza gearbox or if I could use one from another Toyota like a tercel.
  4. Has anyone ever heard of or have one and if so how's it sound? Would I be better off buying a full exhaust system instead?
  5. Hello all from Canada

    Thanks hope I will.
  6. Got a 98 Glanza v in blueish silver as my first car and just trying to learn as much as I can.