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  1. Ebay New, I paid $90 U.S. With fan and cap. Used cant be much cheaper. And you might be buying someone's leaking unit.
  2. The wheels on the car right now are American Racing brand. Also from the 80s. In 13" But they are the "oval hole" type. Meaning they fit both the 4x100 and 4x114.3......Just neither very well! Unless you install them carefully and tighten each lug in increments, you'll end up going down the road with the steering wheel wobbling. Too bad because I've found 245/50/13 and 205/50/13 tires that fit great. I'm just tired of the hassle. So I'm looking for something in a 50 or even 45 profile 14" tire now for the Hyashis.
  3. I also just found these Hyashi 14" wheels I'll be restoring and installing soon
  4. I just found/bought these 4x114.3 Hyashi street 2 14" wheels to put on my Starlet. I've never seen another set. How rare are they?
  5. This shows the rear JDM bumper (not yet fitted correctly) And my Supertrapp muffler. I'm filling in the valance hole with mesh.
  6. I've been busy getting rid if some of the U.S. parts. This is with the new JDM bumper and euro spec lights.
  7. This is an Aluminum, riveted unit with two prop rods for lifting to clean the window. Well made. But it makes the hatch just heavy enough that the single gas strut used to hold the hatch open....no longer will.
  8. I saw one on Ebay. The seller said it was "The only one in the U.S." $800 I found this one 40 miles away for $75. Just needed a paintjob.
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