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  1. I'm building a race car from an 1991 ep82 with a 4ef carby. The engine is stuffed so I was going to replace it with an efi engine but am working to a deadline and had a thought... I've got a 97 ep91 with a 4efe that's ok apart from stuffed rings. The bottom end of the 4ef block in the ep82 seems ok and it had good compression so I thought about sticking the efi head on that block. Easy job but is the 1st gen block compatible with the 3rd gen head?
  2. Just dragging up an old post as I noticed this comment... I've pulled the cams from a 4EF and 4EFE recently and both had wear on one side of the nose and flaking on the edge of the flanks. Not on all valves just random ones. Could be a pattern with the 4E/5E cams?
  3. Thanks, that's a neat setup although I got a shock when I saw the cost of 40 DCOE Webers in this country!
  4. I'm doing a rally car build based on an EP82 / 4E-F. I was thinking of rebuilding the carb but for the amount of effort and money I wonder whether it might be a better option to replace with something else. Has anyone else done this? I saw a Youtube video of an EP82 running bike carbs but is it worth the effort? The engine is stock although I will slowly be working on it. I can't find anywhere in New Zealand that does intake manifolds if I'm going down the twin carb route, any ideas?
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