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  1. greendaysimpson

    FMIC without cutting bumper

    Cheers guys
  2. greendaysimpson

    FMIC without cutting bumper

    Who has any pictures of there FMIC set up without cutting there front bumper?
  3. greendaysimpson

    Starter motor not clearing flywheel

    Yes I know the clutch won’t fit a standard flywheel. I just want to check if another flywheel solves the problem that’s all.
  4. greendaysimpson

    Starter motor not clearing flywheel

    That’s the clutch and flywheel kit. Iam looking more to the flywheel. All surfaces are clean. Think I will try and get a standard flywheel and try that first
  5. Has anyone had any problems with there starter motor not clearing the flywheel. It’s an EP85 with a 4efte engine and orc flywheel and clutch kit. Starter motor number 28100-10040 I bought the car with the conversion already done but they couldn’t get the car going. Found out the wiring loom was a mismatch of 4efe and 4efte loom. So have now fixed that. Turn the car over by hand and half the flywheel teeth will hit the starter but the other half doesn’t. Car won’t start when the starter and flywheel touch just doesn’t mesh. It will however start when flywheel isn’t touching but still hits the starter every half rotation for the brief time I let it run. Took everything off and all looks ok to eye. Tried doing a runout reading off the back of flywheel and if my gauge is correct looks like it has a run out of 3mm. I dont have another flywheel to put on but think it may just be that.
  6. greendaysimpson

    Ep82 doorcards with armrest

    Looking for ep82 doorcards with arm rests
  7. greendaysimpson

    Hazards working fuel pump

    Found the earths at nearside and offside front inner wing next to head lamp had not been tightened. Solved the problem when tightened. Cheers for the help GP82
  8. greendaysimpson

    Hazards working fuel pump

    Every time I use the indicator the fuel pump will buzz for the first click of the indicator left or right. If I use the hazards the fuel pump will pump on and off in rhythm constantly. That’s just with the ignition on. If the car is started it will cut the engine out every time it’s pressed. Any help welcome
  9. greendaysimpson

    Ep82 rolling shell

    Looking for ep82 rolling shell
  10. greendaysimpson

    Full Uncut ep82 wiring loom

  11. greendaysimpson

    Ep82 mk1, 2 & 3 wiring looms

    Does any one know the difference between these wiring looms? Iam looking for a full loom to fit my ep85 and have been offered a mk1 loom but not sure if it will do or not?
  12. greendaysimpson

    Full Uncut ep82 wiring loom

    Looking for a fully uncut ep82 wiring loom if possible.
  13. greendaysimpson

    98 spec oem bumper lip front and rear

    98 spec oem bumper lip front and rear
  14. greendaysimpson

    Glanza parts Scotland preferred

    Looking for glanza parts in red preferably if not doesn't matter interior bonnet bootlid front bumper rear bumper Side skirts
  15. greendaysimpson

    Ep82 rolling shell in Scotland