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  1. Cattanach

    New starlet owner

    I had my gt for nearly 3 years without any problems! Only 1 thing went wrong and that was the oil seals on the ct9 turbo! But it had done 90k miles and was being run at 1 bar boost so was bound to go eventually haha apart from the usual wear and tear items they’re as solid as toyotas come!
  2. Cattanach

    Paseo/starlet suspension

    I had a look at parts numbers and they’re the same! Droplinks I can get quite cheap for the paseo.
  3. Cattanach

    Paseo/starlet suspension

    Anyone know if starlets and paseos. Share the same lower arms/droplinks ? reason being that it’s hard to get a second hand set of paseo ones and new ones are over £100 each! Also you can’t get polybushes that specifically state they fit a Paseo.
  4. Cattanach

    Kyle’s Black Paseo!

    After a search I think some Paseo’s (earlier ones) came with the 238mm discs, although looking at mine I think you could be right that they’re 256mm!
  5. Cattanach

    Kyle’s Black Paseo!

    Was looking for something cheap to runabout in to replace the GT! Picked this up for a measly sum, surprisingly enjoyable to drive! Not the quickest but does the job! Couldn’t help myself so purchased a glanza front strut but it fouls on the alarm box and fuel filter so need to move them both! Moving the alarm box could be a pain. wanted to see what the Advan rg1s would look like so had a quick test fit. managed to snap a wheel stud!!! So need to sort that but if I’m going to the effort of taking disc off etc may aswell stick some glanza/gt front setup on. so short term plans are: k&n panel filter, Corolla inlet, lowering springs. Sort rear arches, Need to see if starlets share the same lower arms as need to get a spare set to polybush as it’s nard to find spare paseo ones and new ones are over £100 a side lol long term.... 5efe-t or maybe N/A build with bike bodies.
  6. Cattanach

    N/a bits

    Bumpety bumpppp
  7. Cattanach

    N/a bits

    Looking for a panel filter (k&n etc) and some aftermarket ht leads (n/a) engine
  8. Cattanach

    N/a bits

    Bump neeeed springs
  9. Cattanach

    5efe parts

    Cheers man, for some reason finding it quite hard to get service parts
  10. Cattanach

    5efe parts

    Can anyone tell me if the 4efe and 5efe share some of the same parts like: Fuel filter Oil filter Dizzy cap Ht leads Rotor arm Etc
  11. Cattanach

    N/A Track Car

    Really like this! The splitter makes the front end look so much better!
  12. Cattanach

    Thank me later :) Photobucket fix

    Any other decent photo sharing sites to use ?
  13. Cattanach

    N/a bits

    Bump I'll take any lowering springs as long as they're atleast 30mm+ drop
  14. Cattanach

    N/a bits

    Looking for -Corolla Tubular Inlet manifold - Tein springs - front Strut brace
  15. Cattanach

    Budget/cheaper coilovers for EP91 1.3N/A

    You can get second hand coilovers for £300 usually