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Does a KE70 rear bumper fit a KP61?

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Yes and no.

The KP61 steel, JDM type bumper is all but impossible to find here in the U.S.

So out of desperation I ordered a new KE70 Corolla bumper for the rear. I had already sourced rear brackets from England (Ebay)for a KP60.

The KE bumper needed to be cut 1" on each end and all of the original holes filled/welded closed.

Then the bumper was shot in flat black urethane paint after the new mounting holes had been drilled.

Then the KE70 bumper end caps where cut and shaped the contour of the KP61. Built up with flexible epoxy and painted crinkle black.






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More photos once it's all assembled and done.

Nice. Yes.

Perfect fit? No.

But a whole lot cleaner than the U.S. spec gigantic, plastic units.


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