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Advice on 4efte engine and gearbox refit

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My son and I are planning to refit the engine and gearbox in our  1998 Glanza. We bought the car as a project with the engine and gearbox already out. There must be a fair few of you who have done this, so welcome any advice / tips you may have to make it as painless as possible! Thanks in advance.


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I leave the exhaust manifold, turbo and downpipe off the engine as well as the alternator, all the cast iron brackets that stick out timing belt side (I think powersteering bracket etc) and just anything that sticks out too much, I remove and fit after engine installation. (I also like to install the crank pulley after engine goes in)

I find it easiest to drop the engine and gearbox in together, shimmy it down trajectory towards the mounting points then give it a little pirouette to clear gearbox side end to sweep under where the battery sits. Get the timing belt side of engine mount and gearbox mount bolts on, but not fully tightened so you can then push the bottom of the engine enabling to get the rear centre mount on. Just make as much space as you can to make it easier. Good luck.

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