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UKSO Forum Rules

Last Updated: 20th Aug 2013

Thank you for following these rules, they help to ensure that all our members have a positive and responsive experience on the forums.

Repeat violators of any of these rules may find themselves subject to loss of posting privileges, and may be banned for a length of time determined by the Admin Team.

These rules are to be considered part of UKSO Forums' Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these terms, then you must discontinue use of the forums.

About Moderation

The club moderation team may at its absolute discretion, remove or edit any post, signature or profile with or without notice or explanation, this will be after consideration of the rules regarding, unauthorised advertising or soliciting, abusive or antisocial behaviour or any other action which violates the club Terms and Conditions. If you are unsure about whether your post will be allowed under these rules, please seek guidance from a moderator before you post.

Moderators within the club are appointed by the management to volunteer and moderate topics and posts within the club and have the right to remove, edit or alter any post they see fit that bides with these terms and conditions on this website. Any members opposing a moderator’s decision should do so with the moderator directly by using PM or email in a professional manner. Any member purposely creating posts or threads opposing a moderators’ decision will result in the member’s forum account being closed permanently.

Members should also be reminded that we do not tolerate ANY rudeness to staff members whatsoever whether it is done through the website, PM system or email.

Remember that moderators and administrators have the final say on any moderation decision, including the right to close, rename, or delete any thread, or edit or delete any post, for any reason. While the action will generally be explained, this explanation is voluntary and may not be provided, even upon request.

Remember also that just because a moderator has not noticed a violation does not mean that the rule is no longer valid, no longer being enforced, etc. All rules listed here (plus any at a moderator's discretion) are valid and binding.

ANY form of hostility or abuse to a member of the moderation team, as a result of their enforcing any of the club’s rules, will result in the permanent banning of the offending member from the club, without notice.

Bans will Range from a Warning > 24 Hour Ban > 1 Week Ban > Permanent Ban

Posting Etiquette

Step 1: Search and Research
First, search to see if anyone has posted the same question or item. If you have a question, search for relevant keywords. (It helps to restrict your search to the relevant forum.) Do a general web search for the problem, too — you're probably not the first person to encounter it.

If it's a really hot topic (like a TD04ing or lowering etc...), chances are there are already one or more active threads about it. Look in those before posting.

If you have a link that you think might interest people, search the forum you planned to post in for the URL you planned to link to. Especially if it's older than just 1 or 2 days, it's probably already been shown here before and thus not of interest to most.

Don't resurrect ancient threads. If your search finds a relevant thread that doesn't answer your question, but that's more than about 6 months old, the information in it is probably partly outdated. Instead, post a new thread, but include a link to the old thread as a reference. This shows people that you did your homework.

Step 2: Choose where to post
Carefully choose which forum to post in. The correct one is the one that most narrowly fits the specific problem. (For example, if your problem is regarding will these alloys fit my starlet, then post in the wheels, brakes & suspension section.) Don't use general chat as a catch-all because you don't know where your problem goes. Don't post wherever and declare "I didn't know where this should go, so I put it here" — take the time to find out. Do not post your question in more than one forum. Miscategorised posts may be moved, closed, or deleted without further notice.

Check the forum you plan to post in for any sticky threads: these contain common questions, or rules concerning that forum.

Step 3: Name the thread
Choose a thread title carefully. It should be a super-short summary of the question. Do not announce that you have a question — we already know that, because you wouldn't be posting otherwise. Do not mark your subject with any emphasis like "Need help!", "Please!" "Urgent!", etc. That is just noise that reduces your chances of people reading your thread.

Good title: "Alloy Wheels are rubbing"
Bad title: "Help!", "Alloy Wheel problem!! Urgent!!"

Step 4: Post your question
Ask your question correctly and you will most likely get a response

Step 5: Follow up
Thank those who took the time to respond, and follow up with a report of whether their suggestions did or did not help.

Main Rules

1. No sexism, racism or abusive posts
Sexist, racist, or abusive posts shall result in punishment, with the severity of the punishment depending on the intensity of abuse. Racist and sexist posts shall be removed, and the offending user shall be banned immediately. Rude behaviour in your replies to another poster (especially those new to the message board) will be seen as abusive posting and will be punished.

2. No Post boosting
Those found to be flaunting this rule shall be warned. Unecessary posting, unecessary threads or random posts/threads shall be dealt with at the initiative of the member of staff exercising a context sensitive decision. Don't whine if you get warned for this. Sometimes people get away with it, but you likely will not.

3. Use common sense when posting in any of the forums
Whereas UKSO encourages laughter amongst those who contribute, we do ask users to remain sensible when doing so. We ask users to respect other peoples opinions and beliefs.

4. Discussion of Piracy
The specific linking to files or sites that index files is forbidden,and will gain you an instant warning. You are permitted to discuss clients and file sharing as a phenomenon. You are not permitted to discuss specific instances of copyright violation that you or another carried out.

5. No content that is sexually explicit
Hardcore Pornography in general is forbidden, and those who post hardcore pornographic content shall be banned, the length of this ban will be determined by the Admin Team. False links that connect to pornography which purport to link to a legitimate URL, will be dealt with harshly.

6. Be nice to the staff, and they'll be nice to you
We will treat you in a civil, courteous and responsive manner, and expect our members to act the same towards us.

7. No text talk in posts
UKSO severely discourages users to use either leet or text speech on the forums. We ask users to remain considerate for those who read their postings. We ask users to contribute using as clear English as they possibly can, and for those who do not know how to paragraph to learn to do so. The key labelled 'Enter' is large enough. Exceptions shall be made to those using a braille keyboard.

8. Aliases
Each user is allowed one account. Any user found to have more than one account on UKSO will be deemed to have an alias. The alias account will be banned and the admin/mod will decide what happens to the original account.

9. Use of proxy services
The use of proxy servers as in those of known proxy server sites and hosting companies like layeredtech, ev1servers and others is prohibited. Although we respect your privacy, those we find hiding behind a non-normal proxy server (normal being for example NTL, AOL, BT, etc..) will be permanently banned from our messageboard.

10. Problems or queries
If you have a problem or wish to have any of the boards rules clarified, please contact one of the Admin Team.

11. "Loaning" accounts
People who are suspected/found "loaning" their accounts to other posters shall be banned, the length of this ban will be determined by the Admin Team. Persistent offenders will be permanently banned. Also anyone found using someone else's account with or without permission shall be banned, the length of this ban will be determined by the Admin Team.

Other rules

1. If you are going to bicker with someone, do it via private message, email, or instant messaging. There's no need to annoy everyone with it.
2. No threads or posts about other members (this includes both current and banned) APART from in the feedback section and Mod Lounge.
3. No threads or posts regarding Warnings or Infractions (all warnings/infractions should discussed via private message only with Club Staff).
4. No sex threads
5. Don't post nonsense threads, +1 posts, or anything else with no semantic value.
6. Don't hijack or derail threads. Stay on topic. If you want to discuss a detail or offshoot, start another thread.
7. Don't ask for replies via email or private message. That defeats the purpose of a forum, of allowing everyone to see the question and replies.
8. No threads or posts about information stored on the Banned Member List (if viewable).

Useful Suggestions

1. Spell check your posts and use proper grammar. Not only is it less annoying for the reader, but it helps prevent people from attacking your spelling and grammar rather than having real discussion.
2. If you see an abusive/rude/rule breaking post, then please report it using the report button on the right hand side of the post.
3. Don't use images except where necessary. Most of the time, a text description is more than enough. If you do use screenshots, crop it to just the area where the specific problem appears. We don't need to see your whole desktop. Remember the inline image rules below. Use a link when in doubt.
4. Don't put in a line break after each line. The browser will wrap the text for you.

Signatures and Avatars

Signatures and Avatars have the below are the rules:

Your signature may contain:

• Any number images

• Images up to 500 x 120 pixels

• Any number of URLs

• Any number of lines

Recommend an image 200px or larger

Posting Images
1. Also remember to not quote posts with images (or be sure to edit out the images!), since this causes excess width as well.
2. Images posted in violation of this rule are subject to deletion.
3. We offer a Gallery to host images.
4. Many members use ImageShack. Photbucket (free) for this.


We take a strict zero-tolerance stance on spam. Any commercial messages, posts linking to free iPod/Mac/Xbox/etc sites, etc will be immediately closed, the links removed, and the poster banned with no warning.

Enjoy the forums

We, as members of UKSO are all here for our love of all starlet models, and cars in general.

We ask that all users make an effort to get along together, and to enjoy UKSO. If you have any suggestions or improvements to make to these rules, please post it in the suggestions forum, or contact a member of the Admin Team.


UKSO Admin

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