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  1. All topped up, went for mot and passed! Mentioned I need a couple of new rear shocks soon though. Put a new drive shaft, new tyres, new brake pads and straight through the mot. Can’t beat the starlet. Was my first car and now my partners learning in it.
  2. Thanks a lot Tim, these oils can just be added as needed in order to top up? I won’t need to drain all that’s in there first?
  3. Hi, I’ve just replaced the drive shaft on my 1998 Toyota starlet Automatic. When Doing it I lost some fluid. My my question is: on the starlet automatic , would the fluid I lost be the gearbox oil or the automatic transmission fluid? secondly do I follow the DIY’s for the manuals? Use same gearbox oil? Thanks in advance. The cars not with me right now so I can’t check myself, so before I go over to do the work I thought I’d ask so I know what to expect when I get there to fix it.
  4. Starletz

    High idle

    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsP2-HKz7vE Thats the guide i used. I don't think our car has the hose for air in the same place as the camry so i didn't remove any hoses
  5. Starletz

    High idle

    hey, i had this problem on my N/A starlet - i fixed it by removing the air filter housing so you can get to the throttle body. Then remove the ICV switch/magnet located just under the throttle body Try twisting the now exposed valve from behind this switch, if it's really solid thats your problem. To fix it, just spray some carb cleaner/brake cleaner etc/ into the hole just before the throttle butterfly until it's full, then start wiggling this valve back and forth until it moves freely, put it all back together and take it for a bit of a blast. Car might stall a few times and be a little unhappy but after 10 mins of driving it'll be fine and back to normal.
  6. an update guys - I removed the air filter housing, took the magnet bit off the icv, and sprayed some cleaner through the hole again until it was full, then started twisting the little valve back and forth... it was really solid but after a few twists became nice and loose. Idle is absolutely fine now! i can post some pictures/make a short guide if anybody wants
  7. thanks daniel, ill just keep driving it and see how it goes... maybe give it a hard drive and see what happens
  8. hi guys, my cars been sat for about a year. Before i left it, it was running perfect. Now when i start it, its okay... But after it warms up the idle runs high. I don't have a tacho but from ear i would say it was idling between 1500-2000. I thought it might be the icv and have sprayed some cleaner through the hole in the throttle body... but i don't know if i did it correctly. I did it with engine off? I don't really want to remove the throttle body because it has many hoses on it which i worry will crack... also the gasket would need replacing? Any suggestions?
  9. as title says, looking for a corolla tubular inlet manifold for my N/A starlet auto thanks
  10. Hey, was sitting just beside you on a black kawasaki bike... Car sounded good with the dump haha. I got a n/a starlet :/
  11. Hi guys, my car failed on MOT emissions, I figured it would be a good idea to post in engine discussions as i'm looking to repair so need some tips from you guys. Heres the.. somewhat vague read out: Any ideas what could be the cause and how to fault find it?
  12. Hey guys, looking for a right hand side shock absorber to get my car through its MOT. I can pick up from London area or have someone collect from Kent. or of course postage. It's for a 96 toyota starlet N/A first registered 08/1996 Thanks a lot
  13. Cheers for that Daniel. It does burn some oil off... But I dont think it's excessive. erm, I service oil and air filters regularly but i havnt done the spark plugs for around 20k miles... just thinking that this could be my problem?
  14. I know why the parking isn't working so i can sort that quite quickly... front pad is easy to do too...
  15. Well, my starlet failed. Was a little shocked... But to be fair it has taken me through Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France... and Scotland and back. Soooo... it's done very well with literally no brake downs. Just gone to look at the fail certificate and they haven't given me the emissions read out??? .. Anyway heres the photo of the mot cert: I was considering scrapping... But now I'm thinking it won't be that bad to repair? I'm confident I can do it all myself apart from the emissions... Any suggestions on why it would fail the emissions and how i can find out what the problem is without buying the wrong bits? Thanks for any help
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