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  1. Right, regarding all Celica and Levin calipers, I can't release any discs without getting hold of the calipers first to be 101% sure it's as good as I can make it, am happy to cover 2-way postage and give any willing lenders a discount though..... I'll start the 254mm 55mm bore WMS-110% group buy off, not sure how long to run it for though! I'm thinking 7.5% for 3+ buyers, 10% for 6+ buyers and 12.5% for 12+ buyers to get the ball rolling, UK zone 1 postage is £10.00+vat. Add DS2500 pads if you want them ( P ), and grooves ( G ) if you want them, don't mind that being a mix and match. So, 110% discs: 1. karl. (G=Y, P=Y) 2. Jamie5414 (G=Y, P=Y) 3. Ollieh17 (G=?, P=?) 4. DaddyDutch (G=Y, P=?) 5.glanzav99 (G=Y, P=Y) 6. 7. 8. 9. Mech that's pretty much it, they are slightly thicker to increase performance but still fit the OEM calipers. Do you also post to the netherlands ?
  2. glanzav99

    Glanza v 99" from the Netherlands

    here are some more pictures
  3. glanzav99

    Glanza v 99" from the Netherlands

    yes that is true I'm still working on it. few months ago, Bryan-4Efte advice also attracts register here I have this glanza more than eighteen months and there are few things already changed. I have put on d2 coilovers and and have put a filter on the turbo.
  4. Hello all my name is martijn from the Netherlands and i am 25 years old I think most of the people here know this automatic glanza.