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  1. Thats something I've not looked at, il check that wiring harness out.
  2. Having a bit of trouble with my headlights, only 1 side light works, I've changed all bulbs and fuses and everything seems okay. Anything else to lookout for?
  3. wanted rear brake calipers

    looking for a set of rear brake calipers for my ep82...
  4. Ep82 barn find, been stood since 2010

    This was the pics the chap I purchased it from sent me, engine bay is extremely rusty, and wishbones look like they are made of rice Krispies. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. 94 gt turbo will glanza wishbones fit?

    Idrees thanks for taking the time to reply, that was the next thing I was going to ask, so if I was to order the new wishbones from you along with a whiteline anti lift kit that would fit my ep82 no problems?
  6. i was going to order a set of wishbones from id workz earlier and i thought i would just call to make sure they would fit my 94 ep82, they said they only have the glanza wishbones which dont fit an ep82. Everything i have read on the internet says that the wishbones are the same for late ep82's and glanzas...is this correct?
  7. as above im looking for some new wheels and I've come across some nice ones but they are 15x8j and et30, will these work with my ep82 without messing around?