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  1. All sorted, Alternator earth was buggered and a fuse had blown, even though it didn't look it! Cheers guys
  2. UPDATE. Spent a little time on it today, removed and inspected all fuses, stripped sheathing from engine bay fuse box wiring and inspected it all, took out centre console plastics and plastics underneath steering wheel and checked all wiring and earths there to find no faults. But now none of the dash lights are working (handbrake, oil, abs etc) when the ignition is on, and also my aftermarket gauges don't work? 😡 The car starts and runs fine! I checked battery voltage and is reading 12ish volts when not running, but still only reading 12 volts when it is running. Could a faulty alternator be causing this? Or a possible brake/fault in a circuit somewhere sound abit more logical? Really pulling my hair out now!! Thanks in advance for any help, cheers!
  3. As title says, they've all stopped working, but at the same time? All fuses look good, and it wasn't too long ago I checked and cleaned up most earths. Could I have missed one? Had a new battery not long ago, and is reading correct voltages when ignition is off and running. Also recently wired up 3 gauges, not sure if that could have affected it somehow? Any help is appreciated, cheers!

    Hi guys, could you take me off from the ETD please, cheers!

    And if you could extend the group buy til the end of the month I'll take the torque damper aswell 😂

    I'll take one of the BMCS's aswell please 💪🏻
  7. Spotted on the dual carriageway going past the park in hotel, had an oem spoiler and I think a private reg
  8. As titles says, can drive to pick up this weekend, needed ASAP! To fit Glanza V
  9. No Beckie she was driving, didn't see one on the hard shoulder!
  10. On Saturday the 30th
  11. Came across 2 females in a a silver Glanza on the M25 by the M11 junction heading towards the dartford crossing, anyone on here?
  12. New from essex

    I haven't seen you around dude? But I'm up for it
  13. Struggles to start?

    Car turns over fine, but doesn't want to fire up. After a couple of turns with the key it eventually starts, but then idles really low, a slight squeal from the alternator belt, and also a high pitched screeching noise from God knows where. A couple of revs and all is well, but I'm worried one time it's not going to start up. Any suggestions on what to look for? Possible starter motor? Thanks in advance
  14. Squeeling noise on start up

    Nope it's definitely not the belt. She struggles to start sometimes, so I'll get that changed and see what happens
  15. New from essex

    I'm game for the passion Jap meet at bluewater if we get everyone to head there?