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  1. Exhaust system

  2. Delivery

    Or I could do that 😊
  3. Delivery

  4. Delivery

    Think I will just get rid of it all
  5. Delivery

    The question is what to do with it now lol
  6. Delivery

    It's missing few bits off after further inspection and I have a had a reply from the seller telling me to just keep it for the whole mix up and will cost more than its worth to retrieve it again Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone off to Creamfields this weekend?

    I could hear it from my house 😊 also drove past it a few days to get to work. Gutted I couldn't go
  8. Delivery

    I have contacted the seller to no avail... looks like a have a spare engine
  9. Delivery

    So has anyone ever had this happen to them....I ordered a part for my ep91 few weeks back after not hearing anything back from the seller for what seems like an eternity (3day) I requested a refund which I got, went and ordered the part from someone else. All was fine forgot about the whole situation then to my surprise I had a delivery today ....The whole bloody engine!!!! Which might I add I never even paid for. Now I have a complete 4efe engine on a pallet and have no idea what to do with it lol
  10. Help!!

    Brilliant will try that at the weekend
  11. Help!!

    Yeah it has the plastic unit at the opposite end of the intake manifold
  12. Help!!

    I took the cable off the tb to eliminate it from the problem
  13. Help!!

    Yeah marked them off as I tooked them off (numbered) Also to pic before hand
  14. Help!!

    I put them on the same way I took them off ?
  15. Help!!

    Thanks for the reply it's got no plastic cap on top? Will it be because of too much air ? Also something strange appeared my temp needle has no gone way off the scale and is on the opposite side of where it's supposed to be lol (doesn't move)