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  1. Morning Burt Whereabouts are you in Dorset? i know there’s a rolling road at “bells auto services ltd” in ropley, they deal with skylines mostly but I’m sure they maybe able to help if you can get in touch with them, I think there’s one in Weymouth too which hasn’t been there for long. saying that there is race dynamics in christchurch near me. I don’t know much about them to be honest. Never looked into them.
  2. Spotted you on Saturday on the big roundabout near pc world, think you work at jeep or honda there as seen your car a few times. you didn’t spot me I don’t think anyone on here?
  3. Cheers burtep82 Sos for the late reply. id love to have a little meet, Let me know when, I’ve only seen 1 red starlet so far but did see a white gt in purewell, christchurch parked up in one of the dealers there. I was just reading a few post and found one where you were talking about a black gt I think where you live, the guy bought an evo 5. That is the same guy we chatted about before, he did sell it and then bought it back again. His brother has a white evo 6 which was most probably parked on the same drive. They are a couple of full on petrol heads..lol
  4. Cheers Bahnstormer im usually around the christchurch area, your probably hear it before you see it, it’s pretty god dam loud! Will keep an eye out for you.
  5. Managed to get a photo resize app, here’s a few pick of the little beast.
  6. Right I have upped my idle with the screw under the rubber grommet to 900-1000.. sits around there now. i have 0.5bar of pressure which fluctuates. soooooo this afternoon I’m gona drop the oil again as it’s dirty as hell anyway. I’d guess it hasent been done for a little while as I’ve only done 50miles since I did it. remove the sump and clean the pressure release valve, hopefully this will sort it. im guessing if it doesn’t I thinking oil pump, would I be correct? cheers chris
  7. It’s horrible at idle shakes like buggery, the poly engine mounts don’t help in all honesty. I certainly need to raise it. I’m guessing I can raise it manually?
  8. Low as in no pressure at all up until I give it a bit of gas to bring the revs up, it does idle very low in my opinion, think it idles around 500-750 rpm once warm. 1k rpm and I’ve got pressure. Can’t remember how much exactly but it’s around 1bar. The gauge I’m using is the pro sport evo series which is brand spanking new and that is plumbed into the original oil pressure sensor port on a braided line extension. Im wondering if I raise the idle slightly it may solve my problem, I’ve only had it a few weeks and payed top money so the last thing I want is for it to go bang, not just yet anyway. just for a background of the car, it’s running 219.6bhp with uprated Athena iirc head gasket, lightened flywheel, td04 conversion with a greedy ultimate keeping it all in check. cheers chris
  9. Thanks guys, I purchased one and is now waiting for me to whack it in. something I have noticed since fitting my pressure gauge is that my oil pressure is near non exsistent on idle, first start up is fine but as she warms it drops, just changed filter and oil with a 5-30 could it be the oil? the previous owner told me he ran it on this, I am a little worried, I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t fit the gauge but I get no warning lights on, new oil pump?
  10. Ahhh good job, I knew there must be some more in the area, a guy at my work has a black GT as his daily too. ive got a few plans for it, a lot has been done to the car already but I will put my stamp on it which I have already. im used to nissans as my last was a Stagea just before this, so I’m learning slowly about starlets. if you all do meet up I’d be happy to tag along
  11. Cheers socks as soon as I figure out getting pics up I will put one up, I use an iPhone, tried screen shots of the pics and there still too big. will figure it out sooner or later
  12. Morning peeps at the weekend me and a friend wired up the guages which I had from my previous project and managed to fit one off the oil pressure switch with an extension, previously scanning the forums, over the other side by the oil filter housing there is a blanking bolt which I wanted to use for the oil temp. on removal of the bolt it looks like I need some sort of adapter to fit the sensor into as it’s too small, I found a pic on here of where I mean. I wondered if anyone could push me in the right direction to get hold of one. picture is below, sorry for stealing it :0) cheers chris
  13. Hi everyone, purchased my first starlet a few weeks ago from a guy in Horsham. Loving it atm, it isn’t my usual choice of cars but I thought I’d give one a try and I’m glad I did. is there any around my area in bournemouth? there is a white Glanza that used to float about but haven’t seen it for a long long time. Trying to add pictures but it won’t let me due to file sizes too big. will add some later. cheers chris
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