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  1. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Ok bud ill do that Cheers
  2. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Ok so it should be a lot tighter how tight? any tourqe settings?
  3. gwtaylor

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    I had a fault with a dizzy that when underload it wasn't able to produce the current but under normal driving it did Om another car I had a misfire problem and it was down to ther alternator belt looked and felt in great condition but real close inspection there was a few teeth missing and that caused all sorts of problems. if you can connect a voltage guage up which can be read whilst in car and see if there is a dramatic voltage drop underload that might help to narrow down problem
  4. gwtaylor

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    How about the dizzy itself did you change that? as new king lead will get good spark to dizzy but if dizzy is knackered it’s not going to be able to fully distribute spark correctly even with new leads cap and arm
  5. Cheered rob I didn’t even notice they needed tightening as I bought it as a project best get it checked and go tighten every bolt wherr would the spacers go?
  6. gwtaylor

    Wanted:- Hester control knobs

    As title says I’m after a set of heater knobs
  7. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Right one more job done thanks to Leon next job the front antirillbar is hitting the lower arms its an aftermarket one what can be done to stop this happening
  8. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Cool that clears that up cheers bud
  9. Should the front anti rollbar be this close?
  10. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Yea I can tell that but which way should it be working pulling or pushing air bud that what I’m trying to work out
  11. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Doing abit of wire searching and luckily I have a complete ish car for reference
  12. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Yea I did that like noticed it span both ways like just trying to work out which way it should spin like
  13. gwtaylor

    My white my2 project

    Right it’s got an aftermarket rad but the fan isn’t wired up can anybody tell my if this is a suck or blow fan?