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  1. Cylinder Head Thread

    Bring to ratio upto 88 to 90 per cent region is a good area to aim for. 1mm oversized exhaust valves will gain you power with a ported head to match etc.. and its power through the rev range. Very excited to see mine next year as be a direct back to back results.
  2. Cylinder Head Thread

    No worries dan. I keeping everything else the same so will get a back to back result with stock vs my new cylinder head.
  3. Cylinder Head Thread

    Im currently having one built by rob at pec. (Used to build tmd engines back in the day). Im having larger supertec valves put in.  Also solid buckets too. Obviously ported otherwise be no point in larger valves. Stronger valve springs as well. Will be staying stock cams as want driveability.
  4. Billet td05

    Unless your forged standalone ecu id stick with a td04. I run a td05 at 1.6bar i get a bar by 3.9k and 1.6 by 4400. But with the old race inlet it was 4100 to 1.6bar..  Just giving you an idea  of what a td05 is like   Try a vf34 if you want good spool and power
  5. Group Buy : Cruise Style Carbon Fibre Fenders

    No problem matey
  6. Group Buy : Cruise Style Carbon Fibre Fenders

    I have mine posted please si as said on deans instagram. Thanks you buddy.
  7. What injectors to run big power ?

    Pretty much mate. Needed to space fuel rail as there long injectors. But with a standalone plugs were no problem
  8. What injectors to run big power ?

    I run siemens 630cc. And thats around 330bhp mark. Got a good margin left in them if went more power too.
  9. Maddox710 second glanza

    Welcome back will.
  10. GTphayers new track build

    Keep it up mate. What turbo is that? We have to meet up soon man..
  11. How many are in South East then and where you guys at

    Location is usually an issue. Usually 2nd friday of the month theres a jap meet in brentwood
  12. How many are in South East then and where you guys at

    Rayleigh mate. Aint been out for a bit as car has had few niggles. But mapping is this week so should be good to go.. Problem is not many meets occur now.
  13. Bussey's Billet GT2867 323bhp V

    Chris mentioned about your rear brakes.. Looked light a great time over in germany. Let me know if your stuck for rear calipers as think ive got some down my unit.
  14. Tunerfest brands hatch

    Split vac pipe? Didnt see what happened to the civic jus the red flag and it in the gravel.. Some of the driving on track was poor. Luckily didnt get caught up in it mate. Ps did yur pads come?
  15. Cant make this now as been let down by local mapper. And my normal one cant fit me in for another 2 weeks..