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  1. jayc-glanza17

    Jam glanza side skirts

    Here are my jam side skirts.. Will need some filler and a respray to be mint again. But where these are always getting hit with stone chips and road grime.. Used these on my track glanza and fitted with my 16 inch wheels no problems. Location. Rayleigh, essex Price. £80 Payment methods. Paypal(buyer adds fees). Bank transfer or cash on collection. These will be collection only as cant trust courier not to break these. Can bring to japfest on 5th may.
  2. jayc-glanza17

    Abs delete kit tuning developments

    Bump this up guys.. can bring to japfest as will be attending
  3. These ultra racing fender bars came off my glanza which i broke. These had to be cut off so will supply some steel so buyer can make a longer plate to make instalation easier. Price. £75 posted to UK only Location. Rayleigh, essex Payment method. Bank transfer, paypal or cash on collection. I can bring these to japfest as will be attending.
  4. jayc-glanza17

    Cusco roll cage used

    Now sold
  5. jayc-glanza17

    Cusco roll cage used

    It will fit either 82 or 91.. But does look as though a buyer is coming saturday
  6. jayc-glanza17

    Cusco roll cage used

    Np dean.. im always off weekends..
  7. jayc-glanza17

    Cusco roll cage used

    Here is the cage i removed from my shell before it got scrapped.. Its a cusco dash dodger cage with harness bar added.. the harness bar has been cut on its weld so could remove from car.. but still attached on the other end.. The other 4 points of contact to floor will require a small box welded in to fit cage securely to chassis. Come with all nuts and bolts. This will be collection only it does fit in a medium sized car like a mondeo focus. Location. Rayleigh Essex Price. £200 Payment. Cash on collection, paypal or bank transfer
  8. jayc-glanza17

    1a0 98 spec front bumper with livesport type b lip

    No splitter wont be sold seperate
  9. 998 front bumper with a genuine livesport type b lip. Painted in 1a0 silver was painted summer 2018 and only on car for 3 months till engine let go. Has bonnet catches on front to make this a quick release bumper. COLLECTION ONLY Price £200 Location. Rayleigh,essex Payment method. paypal, bank transfer or cash on collection.
  10. jayc-glanza17

    My glanza track shell

    Shell has been scraped guys.. no lo ger avaliable.. will post seperate threads for remaining 3 items
  11. jayc-glanza17

    Breaking my track spec glanza

    Shell is now gone guys.. can moderatorslock thread.. i do seperate threads for the 3 remaining items
  12. Here is my abs delete kit.. came off car yesterday as have broken the shell and this is one of the last items left.. Comes with all whats required.. bolts lines and blocks.. is manufactured by HEL. Does improve the pedal feel and gives more confidence. Location. Rayleigh, essex Price. £70 posted to any uk address. Payment method. Paypal or bank transfer both accepted. Or cash on collection if local
  13. jayc-glanza17

    My glanza track shell

    Cage has been removed. Along with abs delete nd the ultra racing fender bars.. will do a tbred for those items later..
  14. jayc-glanza17

    Few parts needed

    Have a 98 spec bumper with a livesport type b lip mate for sale in 1a0
  15. jayc-glanza17

    My glanza track shell

    Yh i do have the interior loom mate..