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HELP required rear top mounts ep91

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Hi guys and girls new to the forum and glanza ownership 

I replaced the rear shocks

Whilst there I inspected the rear top mounts and look like new, not perished or nothing so all looked good been on about 3weeks and I can know see the sleeve in the centre of the mount has pushed up through the mount itself by quite a lot  
Making a horrible noise and squeak  
Anyone had this issue and where I have gone wrong? Wasn’t doing it before, reason I changed rear shocks as drivers side was knackered so I done the pair 

please help 


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have seen this in the past, especially when i installed firmer trd shocks/springs ....what i did was get two "broad and sturdy"  flat washers...i put one under the shock mount sleeve and one above the sleeve to stop it from moving. that worked for me

failing that, you may have to get new mounts. 

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