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Wms Brakes For 54mm Hub Starlets (>'92 EP82)

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There are now three WMS 4 pot brake kits to fit Starlets with 54mm hubs (ie 54mm disc "bore"). The kits fit with the heat shield only needing bending and trimming slightly and are great for cheap pads / discs in the future (see prices), and will fit under 15's (see profile .PDF files, the idea is you print them, check the scale is 1:1 then stick the printout to card, cut it out and try it inside your wheels before buying! ).

The 275x22 and 295x26 kits both take more machining to fit the 54mm hubs (the same kits for the 55mm hubs are cheaper!), where as the 277x25mm kit takes LESS machining for 54mm hubs than for 55mm hubs meaning it's financially more sensible - but we have included the other two as they are available if required. The price difference is mainly in the discs.

Specs are:
- 6061 T6 Aluminium calipers, CNC machined from billet and hard anodised, stainless pistons (1.38"/1.38").
- 6082 T6 clear anodised brackets, with VERY strong 431/303 stainless steel threaded inserts, "solid" type not "helicoil" type (this system is strong enough that we found during testing that an M10 grade 12.9 bolt will actually stretch before the inset fails!).
- Grade 12.9 cap head bolts KIT (includes calipers/brackets+inserts/bolts etc/discs):

KITS (each includes calipers/brackets+inserts/bolts etc/discs):
4P166-S - Normal 275x22 size kit with best wheel clearance (printable clearance test profile: 275x22 kit PDF ) = £520.00+vat
4P151-S - Heavy duty 277x25 size kit with more thermal mass (printable clearance test profile: 277x25 kit PDF ) = £510.00+vat
4P167-S - Biggest 295x26 size kit (printable clearance test profile: 295x26 kit PDF ) = £590.00+vat

.......smaller 260x25 kit is also possible, please contact me if of interest.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the deep disc we use on the large 4P167-S kit, it actually gives you 2.5mm MORE OFFSET CLEARANCE than the smaller 4P151-S kit! So try the templates, don't assume the bigger kit won't fit your wheels......

- Grooved discs are offered as a service, and add £40.00+vat/pr.
- For £POA+vat we can upgrade the 277x25 disc to the EBC Turbogroove type as another option.
- EBC Reds are £POA+vat/set
- EBC Yellows are £POA+vat/set
- Ferodo DS2500 (fast road) = £62.00+vat/set
- Ferodo DS3000 (race) = £63.00+vat/set
- Earls braided lines (to fit WMS caliper threads) are £51.00vat/pr


- Replacement 275x22mm discs are £88.00+vat/pr
- Replacement 277x25mm discs are £77.00+vat/pr
- Replacement 295x26mm discs are £144.00+vat/pr

Here are the photos of the 277x25mm 4P151 kit:
th_WMS-800x600-4P1091-c.jpg th_WMS-800x600-4P1091-d.jpg th_WMS-800x600-4P1091-a.jpg th_WMS-800x600-4P1091-b.jpg

In addition if you can't fit this under your wheels there is a proposed "smallest possible" 262.5mm kit to try and fit some 14" wheels, here's the profile, accurate to about 1.0mm: 262.5mm kit PDF

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