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Motorsport and Spares

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This is one for the NI lads, although the guys trade on Gumtree and Ebay too.

Ever since I got into modifying the EP, Motorsport and Spares in Ballymena have hooked me up with everything from mats to wheels to tyres to speakers to CD players to filters to harnesses. Every piece of Momo gear in my car and all the other cars in my household came from these guys.

They have also been a solid source of advice and guidance over the years, and have dug me out of some serious holes, including most recently when they cut the lock nuts off my car for me.

Its not much, but I wanted to do something to get them a little more exposure and help promote them where I can. As you guys know, I am very, VERY fussy about my car, so you should know if I trust these guys to drive my car, then they are 100%!

Anyways, they have now got their website all singing and dancing, and even when I was in tonight, they were in the process of adding more products to the site.

Highly recommended to NI lads and all e-buyers by Nanglebadger and all those at BadgerSports Inc.

Motorsport and Spares


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