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  1. Year:1992 Model:GT Tax:July 2013 MOT:January 2014 Mileage: 224km (roughy 130k miles) on Chassis 120km on new engine (roughly 75k miles) Description: Imported in 2008 Starlet gt turbo running beautifully,drives and handles very well and is very quick, this car had a low mileage engine fitted in 2010, very sweet engine indeed i was going to keep as a project but plans changed due to financial strains. i have been driving as a daily and can report it starts on the button and is very reliable indeed, it has a fair few mods on to make the car more interesting which believe me it does and nev
  2. Item For Sale: japfest ticket Item Condition & Description: erm never used obviously Price:cost me £21 ill take £15 for it Pictures:erm dont know what it looks like because i havnt got it yet Payment & Shipping Details: bank transfer only no paypal as some twat put a deposit in my paypal then after the sale withdrew so its in minus figures , not funny dudes
  3. Will they fit a gt turbo ep82 How different are they to oem ep82 mats Has any one got any experiences with this subject
  4. This is a fucking sick colour! How could you sell it man
  5. Nice one pal !! I'm only selling so I can free up cash In an ideal world I'd keep her
  6. THEYVE CLICKED ON ANd pushed the prices up to £54 , i was looking for a 20 quid one oh well looks like an allnighter for me then damn mods close and delete this thread
  7. Hi guys im thinking about booking a hotel on friday night as close to the meeting point (before the epic convoy) as possible any names of the closest and most convenienet travlodges please provide details if the hotel is eastbound or westbound any addresses too. planning to sleep their with 2 of my mates , i believe travelodge cater for 3 to a room one is the bedsofa thing and 2 single beds , then wake up at 6am ish take a shower and shit and hit the convoy or collect ticket whichever comes first .. ill be booking this tomorrow so your opinions and advise is greatly appreci
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