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  1. Thanks guys, I never did get round to fitting the Turbo'd 4AGZE engine, someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I've moved on to something a bit newer now but still heavily into modding it.
  2. It's feature is out now, February edition
  3. Ok guys. I've been messed about on eBay but a right time waster £6000 buys this car, need z quick hassle free sale......
  4. I go almost every year, we book a villa and it works out great, BBQ and beers in the evening, track time in the day There's lots to do and see, you just need to do a bit of research, I highly recommend a trip to Pacha in Cologne, google it ;) I've only ever been on a bike though https://youtu.be/LJdZFZR8HeE Me on my R1 last year, as people say, it's NOT a trackday, have fun, be alert and courteous on track. Taking my Starlet in October for a full 8 days Wish me luck
  5. Thanks your right £8000 gets the car as it stands
  6. Yes was thinking Hilux too ? Going to run the 86 rear axle until I find a better solution, the Turbo engine won't be ready until next year so got done time
  7. Don't get me wrong that's a cool car, but my original goal was to build a twin cam Starlet like something Toyota should have done. Which is why I've tried to use all Toyota parts where possible.
  8. That is the question my friend, I'm in way over 10k and 1000's of Man hours. Still doing things, just had steering rack refurb'd, and have a load of parts currently on route from the states. Decent 86's go for 7-8k, this is much rarer! PM me your thoughts, keep it clean please.
  9. Yeah the R32 is a dream car but something's are best left a dream ! I'm AE86 axle should be ok with 220ish BHP but the engine is capable of so much more, it'll be fully rebuilt by me and gas flowed etc etc. I've had quoted for around £1000 for an Atlas axle built but only with an open diff. Option 2 is just map it, see what it can make and see how long the drivetrain lasts ! Then upgrade it
  10. Thanks. I had plans for building a 300+Bhp engine, but after some research that's going to require some serious drivetrain upgrades. Does seem a shame to stop now though !
  11. Sorry, I know this is in the wrong section but won't let me post in the for sale section for some reason. This is the 2nd time I've thought about selling this Spec list is huge, Wilwood brakes, LSD, GAZ coilovers, 7rib 4age on Yamaha Bike carbs, Tomei cams and pulleys, full respray in the original colour gold etc etc etc etc....... This is a road car, has full interior in mint condition with AE82 front seats. I've almost got all the parts required to do another engine swap as I've also got a 4AGZE engine with high rise turbo manifold and turbo, 440cc injectors plus AE86 inlet ma
  12. Had my feature photo shoot with Practical Performance Car yesterday, was great fun, will let you guys know when's it's out in print
  13. Had a blast at Rockingham on Friday The Turbo 4agze build is coming along too
  14. Will be having my feature photo shoot for Practical Performance Car magazine in the not too distant future, will post up details once it happens.
  15. If you saw it this weekend at Lydden it's looking even better now ;) A few more graphics are on, and the 4AGZE build has begun.
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