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  1. Looking info on best way to do this. What is needed and how to do. Probably using type r coils and have a link ecu thanks
  2. doing a drum to dises swap on my starlet. wonder do i have to use a glanza bias valve or will the starlet one work? already swapped to the glanza servo any ideas?
  3. Looking emanage ultimate ecu. Text if u have one for sale 07521682529
  4. sorry for the late reply, cheers for posting back on my thread. have been looking for a tongs but really hard to get and even if i can find one they have all shit the bed. didnt go for the ebay speedvision as i found out they were fakes througbt reviews, got it direct from speed vision. dont really want to go tdo4 yet, dont wana start changing mani thats a project for another time. and stu, thats was some write up, ill have to pm you haha cheers
  5. Anyone have a triple core half rad or tongs hybrid ct9? Cheers
  6. Going hybrid ct9 here on my 91. Whats everyone's thoughts of speedvision turbos? What power are they rated to and how much power gains will i see with one as appose to a standard cheers
  7. Have been acc thinking of getten a wideband. This seens like a good excuse to go ahead and buy one! Cheers phil
  8. Got a new ct9 hybrid turbo for my 91. I've huard that u need to map a new or diffrent turbo in but i have a jam ecu that cant be mapped. Do i need to get it mapped even tho its still a ct9? Does it matter ifnuts a hybrid or not? Cheers
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