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    Cars turbos drifting jdm :) :p
  1. What did you use to hold grill of starlet in place in bumper before you stuck it on permanently????
  2. What do dual element bulb holders look like
  3. Hello all.. Today I have started my starlet build after finishing spraying my spoiler and side skirts satin black I started on my custom starlet bumper what I'm doing is adapting the bumper to fit starlet lights so I cut the grill part out of both bumpers and I am slowly getting it molded into my Glanza bumper... Had any body on here done this before if so have the a link to pictures or there thread? Thanks for reading 😊
  4. Thanks very much with help is it straight fiward to install
  5. Whitch section is it in don't understand any of it lol cud I jus use a glanza map sensor
  6. Nice car mate where would u find a map converter?
  7. She looks nice man but ya green wheels arnt the best ha
  8. Will live to see this when she's finished keep us up to date
  9. Do any off yr know are the valve srings in a 2e-e same as a 4efe?
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