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  1. dpage

    Help please !!!

    Thanks Russ the cars with the mechanic atm
  2. dpage

    Help please !!!

    Does anyone have any links to buy the pads for these I can't find what I exactry need cheers
  3. dpage

    Help please !!!

    This is the caliper Any ideas ?
  4. dpage

    Help please !!!

    Hi guys went to get my pads changed today first time since the car was imported and the brakes are not standard I have no clue what there off any ideas ??? http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q392
  5. bloody hell 500 quid !
  6. apparently it has a 3 inch hole in it lol
  7. yeah I'm finding it hard to find one bloody nightmare
  8. I've just been told I need a new or a descent second hand one . my mates doing all the work on the car
  9. hey guys my fuel tank is soooo rusty after years off sitting i need a new one my mechanic has cleaned it several times but it's still full of rubbish ... any ideas where I can buy a new one ? (ep82 gt ) 1994
  10. dpage

    ep82 FUEL TANK

    hello guys I'm in desperate need of a new fuel tank for my gt turbo ep82
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