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  1. Hi guys uhm do any of you know were i can order t2/t3 turbo manifold for my 4e engine starlet
  2. Hi guys uhm if got a question do any of you guys know if someone on the forum does has a 4wd manual gearbox for the ep95 starlet or do you know how i can convert it to a manual
  3. Question can i use 4efte internals in my 4efe
  4. Yea i just need some more insite or advice what should need couse ive got a turbo a manifold a fuelpressur ragulator i just need a fmic ecu fuelpump and maybe the the intake manifold of a 4efte
  5. Yea its pretty expensive to import a evo orva impreza in our country
  6. Yes by boat and by what ive seen and read its possible and also i will be crazy dont want crazy powet just enough to make my 4efe 4wd a little bit more quicker
  7. Yes a 4wd 4efe starlet that i wanna turbo
  8. Thx again i got so.e useful info just need to start looking for the parts and keep looking for some info
  9. Ok thx men i will check it out right know
  10. Hi guys a wanna know how and what i need to turbo my 4efe motor and what parts i need if anyone could help my with a list of whats parts i need i would greatly appriciated it
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