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  1. Well. Haven't been here in a while and I'm in need for a wiring diagram or something along the lines on how to wire two spotlights into the high beam switch. I dont want a separate switch that controls the lights. I want to be able to flash the high beams at my mate or when I want to do some cheeky rally at night i can flick the high beams and light up everything in front of me. Would also like low beams/ dipped headlights. I dont care how much work I would need to do, just any thing to keep me busy these days. Thanks in advance, Dan.
  2. Found a set of wheels on JDM Distro that are 15" by 7.5" with ET25 and im wondering if it will fit on my car.
  3. I've got a set of coilovers coming in the next couple of weeks and would like to get the wheels sorted but i think 15" would look too big on my car with coilovers.
  4. Im thinking about getting 13" wheels for my standard EP91 but not too sure if they would fit. Any recommendations for wheel sizes and tire sizes.
  5. As the title says, i have found a set of mint condition of OS4 Turbos from a mini cooper. The seller says that they are a 6x12 with an offset of -7. I have and EP91 and i im hopeing that they fit as they look amazing. If any of you huys know anything about these wheels please let me know.
  6. Well i've got 500 saved up, i dont know if that a good amount or not enough.
  7. I need help finding coilovers that fit my EP91 and i dont know if i should get new shocks that go great with lowering springs. I havent been able to find decently priced coilovers for my car so i started to wonder if i can find coilovers that will it into the car with minor modifications. If you guys know any that fits an EP91. For lowering springs i would just like to know if i should replace the shocks that are in the car or if i would be able to get away with standard shocks If can help me out it would be much appreciated.
  8. Thank you @T-dog Would you recommend any good springs that i can buy?
  9. Hello, Im a new member to this community and I've started to look at lowering my car or put new alloys on it but i am having trouble finding out what wheel fits mt EP91 (not the Glanza model, the 75bhp one) and what springs i can run on my car. I've had a look on ebay at some lowering sprins but dont know what ones fit on my car. With alloys, i've had a look through a couple car magazines to find wheel companys and i found R&R Alloys. I like there Rally Special wheels but i dont know if they will fit. Here is the link to the wheels https://www.randr-alloys.co.uk/classic-alloys/rally-special/rally-special-7x13.html
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