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  1. Hi guys, if anyone saw my earlier post about the flickering oil light that has now gone. However my N/A Starlet is throwing out blue ish white smoke on idle and smoke out small clouds of smoke when you hit the accelerator. The car was misfiring so changed the plugs since they had oil on them and HT leads and that’s stopped the misfire however still smoking but having left it idle for 20 mins the smoke has reduced slightly but took the plugs out again and there is slight oil on the threads and spark plug tip. I have bought a new rocker cover gasket since the problems started when I took it off and didn’t replace the seals so once that arrives in the post I’ll fit the seals since it’s only started once I had the cover off. Also read that leaking rocker cover seals can cause the car to smoke. I’m assiming the seals will stop the smoke and have it running 100% again but if not, would you say a compression test to check the cylinders? And also are the Stem valve seals notorious for failing? Sorry for the long paragraph but really wanting to get this sorted 😕 446484F6-7829-4CC1-9182-FF862B2850DB.MP4
  2. Yeah I’ve checked under again and there’s no grit in the oil with the cams and the rocker cover hasn’t got any sand in it. Could it potentially be spark plugs? The lights gone off and it’s mis firing now and producing white smoke maybe blue ish smoke?
  3. New to cars so where would this have been? Like I know that there was a space inbetween the top of the rocker cover which again I made sure it was thoroughly clear? But I didn’t no.
  4. Hi guys, Removed the rocker cover yesterday and had is sandblasted ready for paint. Put the cover back on and all runs fine until a few hours later when a rattle-grind was coming from the engine and then at idle the engine warning light would flicker on and off. What could this have been caused by? The oil level is fine so I’m worried there is still left over sand in the engine?! There’s also white smoke coming from the engine bay also? Could anyone give me some suggestions on what it could be and how to sort it, thanks!! UPDATE: Since having a misfire I checked the plugs and I’ve got oil on all four plugs. Clearly the spark plug tube seals have failed so I’m replacing them and getting new plugs. The warning flickering light was most likely the lack of pressure because of the leaking seals. So for anyone taking of the rocker cover, REPLACE THE SEALS!! DO NOT LISTEN TO A CERTAIN TUTORIAL THAT SAYS YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, CLEARY NOT ALWAYS YOU CANT SO BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY!!!
  5. Cheers for the fast reply. Potentially run 185s and have them stretched then? The alloys have an offset of 45 and it assuming mm. That doesn’t effect anything right?
  6. Hi guys, Was looking to buy some BBS alloys of eBay for 230 Quid secondhand. Just wanted to know if 4x100 15inch 6J rims would fit without them catching anything? Really just learning about cars so would be a huge help if anyone could help. Also would like to know what size tires I could run on these? Thanks Guys
  7. Hello, First time on here, I’m 17 and got a 1996 EP91 starlet Sportif around a 2 months back and I’ve bought some alpine 4’ speakers for the front dash but was wondering if I could drill holes in the parcel shelf and wire it up. Of course you can do that but is there any existing wiring that leads to the back or will I have to wire some in myself. Just wanted to put some cheap ones in the back but if it’s too much hassle I’ll leave it because the Alpine speakers I’ve got are 40 quid and should be enough for my needs. thanks!!
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