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  1. HI all, I have had a 98 starlet auto for a while now (inherited as an heirloom) and now my GF is using it. I had given it to a friend last year (didn't want to sell her as she means a lot to me) but the car unfortunately just sat on their driveway for 9 months until I got her back for the GF. Any way an £800 mot and she lives again. She's only got 65k on the clock. What she has started doing recently is when cold, she will fire straight up, but will cut out instantly. If I keep my foot on the accelerator slightly for 20 seconds it will remedy it and she will run, but I just want the car to start perfectly for the GF (she knows little about cars and winter is coming). Car starts up fine when she's warm. I've put some new plugs in yesterday and topped up the oil, but am I right in thinking this issue may be down to a dirty Idle control valve? I have bought some carb cleaner and was looking to take it off and clean yesterday but I'm not really sure where it is and didn't want to delve in when not fully sure. So - do you think this sounds like the ICV? And if so - can someone show me a picture of where it is? Thanks in advance to all - any help appreciated! Stu
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