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  1. thx, i did a very hard work in restoring the interior..... hope to finish it soon
  2. hi all, i own a KP60 and need to disassemble the cigarette lighter in order to fix it. could anyone tell me how to take it off? i´ve tried everything ando dont know how to do it? thanks
  3. thanks, yes it´s still on the road, last week my girlfriend and I hit the road, 600km. i need some info on some parts, i need to disassemble the cigarrete lighter. (sorry for bad english, i´m rusted) have some more pics, the interior and the engine that im working on for my KP60
  4. Hi, my name is Alvaro, i am from uruguay I own a Starlet KP60 1981, and i am in the process of restoring it. i hope that you can give me a hand
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