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  1. Hi everyone, how you all doing? I have some updates about this job and also would like to ask for some help. I will tell a little history and hopefuly you guys can give me some tips on what to do next. After I finished the job the car was running very nice, we went for a short trip (~350km return) and on the middle of the way (maybe driving one hour straight), the car started to heat up a little. I pulled over, waited a minute and the temp went down again. On the way back same thing happened, but I noticed it did not go to the red, was getting close but kinda stoped, so I ran for a while (30min maybe) with the gauge close to the red but not there. Then again, pulled over and the temp went down. After this trip I replaced radiator. After that, nothing seems to work smootly anymore. The car started sputtering alot for some reason (I will post a video). I checked error codes and I got error 21. Then I disasembled the throtle body to clean up and I made a mistake when putting back together. I used the throtle body gasket from the 5efe kit I had and turns out it is wrong. I did not noticed at first, the car was idling crazy fast and a very high whislte was coming from the back of the TB. There was a gap beteween TB and intake that the 5efe gasket did not cover so air was getting in the throtle position sensor. I put some silicon in there (i just thought the surface wasnt smoth enough and silicon would solve it) and then the air sucked up the silicon to inside the air intake and TPS. Stupid mistake. Anyway, I got the right gasket from toyota, cleaned all silicon from everywhere I could and replaced it. The car now does not run nicely anymore. I can't seem to find the right timing. I set on 10 ~ 12º and it runs horribly weak and weird. Feels like it the engine will die. If I set waaaay over 10º, let's say 20 or 25º it runs better but idles very vey fast. Last thing I did was replaced O2 sensor, reset error codes (disconect battery for a few minutes) and checked the timing belt just to make sure the timing was right. Maybe that day I drove too hot damaged something? Maybe the TPS is damaged? Is there a way to set the rpm without a tachometer? Just to make sure I can set the ignition time properly? The problems at the moment are sputtering, ignition timing wrong (it drives weak) and the idle is not smooth (keep going up and down). What do you guys think? (The video is just the sputtering sound.) Thanks everyone. VID_20191101_214814.3gp
  2. Actually there is e1... I dont know how missed that 😁
  3. Hello everyone, how are you all doing? My name is Andre, I'm from South America but I am writing from NZ. This is my first post here. I have a 1997 EP91 Starlet and my girlfriend own a 1992 EP82 Starlet. Although I love them I wouldn't say I am an enthusiast. I also got an old rav4, I am more into 4wdring than hatchbacks. But well, I like working on cars. Anyway, I will talk about the ep82. Her car has 303000km already and it was using alot of oil, something like 1 litre every 350km. It was also leaking oil everywhere, leaking coolant and the heater didn't work. I decided to rebuild the cilynder head to change the valve seals, replace piston rings and replace heater core. So yes, that is the job I did: replaced valve seals, head gasket, injector seals, clean eveything (engine burning/leaking oil for godknows how many km's... yep, it was messy), piston rings, pcv valve and coolant temp. sensor (that I snapped), thermostat, water pump, all front seals (oil pump seal, oil pump o-ring, cam seal, crank seal), oil pan gasket, timing belt, tensioner and idler, water pump belt, power steering belt. I think that was it. And also heater core. Parts in NZ aren't cheap so I got everything I could from States (rockauto), but as they dont have starlets over there I had to find equivalents. All the timing belt related parts are from the Paseo 5efe EXCEPT the timing belt itself. Cylinder head gasket set and cylinder head bolts, piston rings, thermostat, pcv valve, temp sensor, water pump, oil pan gasket and heater core, all from Paseo as well. My only intention with this post is to help someone that wants to do the same job. I am not a mechanic, still got alot to learn, I have no idea if what I did was right or if I should not have used those parts or not but I'm just glad I could make the car run again (let's see for how long). I will post some pics. I hope someday I can help someone with this post. Water Pump a little bit worn out. If you look close you will see a piece of water pump right there. Pistons very dirty. It was a mission to clean them. Alot of carbon. After cleaned and with the new rings. Little things that drove me crazy. As this deep number 10 I didn't have... or this stupid spline head head bolt that NOBODY in NZ has the right size. I had to use the hex number 8 (which I found out on this forum). I was sooooo scared of striping the bolts... Heater doesn't quite match but It can be used. A knife and a little persuasion did the trick. Now I just have just one question: which of this pins do I have to short to set the ignition timing? I dont have te1 and e1. Does anybody knows? Thanks everyone and any questions send me a message. Cheers
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