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  1. URGENT help needed I’m so confused 😩😂🤦🏼‍♂️ Ill try and include as much info as possible any help would be hugely appreciated as I’ve completely hit a dead end. Apologies in advance for the long post I just want to try and make the situation clear Recently bought an ep91 na which previously ran an fte engine before previous owner converted it back to 4efe and sold it to me. I have plans for it as I have a forged fte lined up in a couple of months so he was kind enough to supply me with the previous fte ecu/looms, key, barrel Etc this was all running fine not too long ago. I’ve swapped over the looms ecu and everything required. Still a 4efe I’ve just fitted all turbo parts, dizzy coil igniter fte injectors inlet fresh service etc etc. Hit a few snags along the way but everything works it turns over I have spark timing is 10btdc pump works fine I have injectors pulse but this is where the fun begins and after several days of trying I’m now stuck. It turns out the earth that bolts to the inlet was playing up as before I started suspecting this earth it wouldn’t pulse injectors at all. Now It’ll fire up and die almost instantly. Fresh bolt washers cleaned internal threads cleaned the mount for icv where the earth bolts etc but my problem is that it will fire then die. Turn the key again and it won’t fire unless I remove the earth and make contact again then it’ll fire straight back up and do the same. Strangely if I grab the earth and kind of run it along absolutely any surface it will continue to run almost perfectly until I hold it still/bolt it on or let go it will die instantly. after a few days desperation and no luck with just constant stop start I removed the connector I’ve tried thicker wire fresh connectors I’ve tried extending to bulkhead strut towers and also ran an additional earth to the battery. All of which I’m just having the same result. I obviously sadly can’t employ somebody to live under the bonnet and rub the earth on a metal service for the rest of my life so I need to address it somehow but im completely stuck. I’ve checked pinout diagrams etc all relevant fuses and relays and there’s nothing jumping out at me. Please help 😂😩😢 again apologies for the long winded post just wanted to prevent wasting anybody’s time. Thanks in advance
  2. Okay it turns out I’ve been silly. As previously mentioned I know the pump works I changed injector seals and heard the rail build pressure again so I stopped hunting for fueling. Turns out my injectors aren’t firing as the new plugs are bone dry. Everything else appears to be in order I just need to figure out why i have no injector pulse and hopefully we’re all good 🤞🏻
  3. New member I really need some advice if anyone could help that’d be great. Recently got a gls 4efe full glanza rep in the hope of going turbo. The previous owner was kind enough to give me the old fte ecu all the looms key barrel etc. I’ve swapped everything over and bolted it all together, theoretically it’s ready to drive. I’ve changed igniter dizzy the leads etc. I have Strong spark and I’m definitely getting fuel as the fte injectors leaked until I changed seals. However it point blank will not fire. I’ve spent all day playing with dizzy timing and it won’t start at all I’m really confused. Any advice would be hugely appreciated as I’m completely out of options I just want to take it for a play now. Thanks in advance
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