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  1. Ho ok no problem thanks. i shall go back to the drawing board. Does the 4e-fhe distributor physically fit the N/A 4e-fe engine? This is obviously the easiest option, i was probably just trying to be clever/tight as the na dizzys are far more plentiful than the 4efte ones.
  2. Kinda lol its complicated, Well i wondered as you said the crank single is taken from the distributor on the N/A so is that not technically the same as the cam signal? wondered if we could trick it by possibly connecting cam signal to crank signal or something like that?
  3. Thanks that makes sense, So hypothetically (and this is an odd one so dont ask lol) if we wanted to run the 4e-fe N/A engine with its original distributor and built in coil off the 4efhe Ecu/loom we would connect- 4e-fe N/A 4e-fhe Turbo NE ? NE- ? IGT: ? IGF: ?
  4. I thought one of the NE was the crank trigger input? (does this not come from a crank position sensor? or does the crank position sensor go to ecu then the ecu tells the distributor the crank signal? Looking at the diagrams i think they both go to ecu so the ecu must be telling the distributor the crank position. and the other NE if that goes to ECU do you know what it does? Sorry for all the questions. Eeek!
  5. Sorry just a quick one, the 4 wires from the distributor on the N/A engine 1? NE 2. NE- : these are crank trigger input. 3. IGT: this is the spark event request sent out by the ecu to fire the coil. 4. IGF: this is a feedback signal sent by the coil back to the ecu when a successful spark event has took place. Essentially if the ecu doesn’t receive a IGF signal back from the coil for ‘x’ amount of times it’ll log a fault code. ive marked them above numbered 1 to 4, number 1 where does that go as you mentioned 4 wires which it has but i only read descriptions of locations of 3 of them. Prob just me mis reading it lol
  6. Legend thanks that should definitely get me to where i need to be Thanks so much! 🙂
  7. Hi thanks that should help a bit Do you know if the ep82 originally had the distributor with the two plugs one with 4 wires and one with 2 wires?
  8. Hi in new here I live in the Scottish Highlands 🙂 I do not own a starlet but i do own a starlet 4e-fe engine which will hopefully be going in something Once i can figure our some things So hoping you guys can help, Then i can reveal the success haha
  9. Hi I live in the Scottish Highlands 🙂 great driving roads
  10. Hi thanks that might help, would be good to see it. 🙂
  11. Just an update worked out that the starlet has a distributor and coil all in one so from what i can see it does not have any kind of external coil or igniter. I also managed to find a wiring diagram But im a little confused as to the 4 wires that go to the ecu from the distributor, im wondering what the ecu sends out off them e.g do you think its a single for each cylinder to fire? or is it the distributor sending to the ecu?
  12. Hi I have a 1.3 4e-fe n/a 16v starlet engine it has the distributor that i think is electronic e.g does not have a coil wire going to a coil e.g standard ht lead type thing like on hold cars, it just has the 4 ht leads going to the spart plugs and then two electrical push/clip connectors one with 4 wires and one with 2 wires. Im trying to work out what these 4 and 2 wires go to as i only have the engine with a cut loom and do not have the car it came out off so im unable to look at the bulkhead and see if there is a coil igniter type thing, I presume some of the wires would go to something like that and some to the ecu and some possible power etc... Hence an original engine bay loom wiring diagram would be awesome. I wont get into what this is all for at this stage as it will complicate things lol but if anyone has the wiring diagram or knows where these wires go or even can take pictures from there starlet that would be great. Thanks Matt.
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