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  1. Hi, my bonnet wouldn’t open in the cold weather, I tried a few things like WD40 On the latch, letting the car warm up incase the cable has frozen but now from inside the car when you pull the small lever it’s not doing anything it moves freely like the cable has become detached, is there any way of opening the bonnet from the outside of the car? Thanks
  2. Was trying to get my heating working on my EP91 Glanza and I have noticed the heater blower relay is gone, it’s a 5 pin relay and I can’t seem to find one anywhere, does anyone have a part number or know where I’d be able to get one? Many thanks
  3. It’s been fairly hot recently and my Glanza has felt less powerful than usual, the temp gauge creeps up to about the middle and ends up staying there but the car feels slower than usual and the turbo doesn’t seem to come on as quickly as it usually does and when it does it doesn’t fully boost to the 1.2 bar it’s set up to, it gets to about 1 bar and doesn’t go any further up, just wondering if anyone can help me understand this better so that I can fix the car, I’ve had no check engine light when this happens, the car just runs hotter and ends up feeling slower, it has oil, coolant, the fan is
  4. _LM46

    Fault Codes

    Hello, just wondering if anyone can help me did a test on my car and got fault code 33 and 34 can anyone tell me what these codes mean? Thank you
  5. Basically the revs drop very slowly, let’s say I put the clutch in, the revs will fall slowly unless I rev a little bit then they fall to about normal idle, also have started having a squeaking noise randomly happen with no way of stopping it, sounds like a belt to me but not sure wether it’s got anything to do with this problem
  6. Hi, I’ve bought a Glanza V a few months back now and everything has been going fine with the car, today on the M25 the car started playing up and I had an issue where the revs would hardly drop or drop very slowly, and when they finally dropped they would drop to 2K, when I let off the accelerator pedal it hardly drops in revs and when putting the clutch in it hardly drops in revs and seems to have a high idle until I rev it a bit and then it drops back to where it should be, if anyone could help me would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. So just replaced the alternator belt on my Glanza V, it snapped after squeaking for a while, and the belt that I replaced it with was all tensioned and was on nicely, the belt suddenly started squeaking again, looked at the belt, no signs of any damage done to it, the car is running more power (200bhp) and when it happened I stopped and turned off the engine and it was fine, any suggestions? I don’t want to have to keep going through belts, could it be the other belt now needs changing also? I’m new to these cars as this is my first time owning one so any help would be appreciate, thanks
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