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  1. Back to the toyota lol, im driving a wee 1 litre yaris. Trying to save up and i'm teaching my gf to drive. Lookin for a uni placement for my sandwich year i havent had any luck yet :(. What next i dunno but i'll be back with a weapon again soon. Would love a starlet again
  2. Still here, not had much luck with a buyer too many timewasters though
  3. Thanks to all comments, yeh car is real head turner, need a buyer soon. Havent a clue what to go for next...
  4. Doin alot of miles, fancy a change etc £8500 ONO. Its in for sale section and http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/478112.htm
  5. Havent posted on here in ageees! Hope some of ya's still remember me! Well had this a year now havent put any pics up since my purchase last summer. I've added few additions since i've bought it, check out my garage for spec list. Just had he car detailed by Ryan (DetailNI.com) O and the car is for sale, gonna break my heart love it so much :angry: Any bidders welcome...
  6. ive got a little sound system on way for some vibe
  7. sucks ass i cant help my passion for cars but...
  8. I know im not in no mood for selling keep an eye out next year could if its up for sale
  9. Hi folks havent been on in ageeeees! Nice to see you to see you lol! Anyway got this about a month back, hoping to uprate with some goodies some time if i have money Pics (click to make bigger)---> http://www.reallymeansounds.com/garage/car...p;garageid=1835 Still at uni doing my medical electronics degree, hope every one is well Please leave comments Bilal
  10. My 200sx has been sold i got offered good money for it. I had a few personal problems at the time still sort of present so it unfortunately had to go. Just gotta keep my head high and think of future. I've got a lot on. Im thinking of making a comeback, i still love my starlets. I had so much fun with my sr loved it to bits ya all know how mint it was. Any one know if my old car is still about? Anyway thinking of making a comeback and buying a glanza hence my other thread, "FAO Teenage_kicks1980." Mint car. I dont need another car yet i still have my avensis and im saving like mad. But im on out look for a glanza if i find a good and reasonable priced one. I dont need to purchase anything now. I mite wait a year or two and get one then or get something with bigger power, see what happens i dunno time will tell. Could be moving to Scotland this summer for uni and my folks have plans too and leave dump of N.Ireland possibly lol. Anyway i visit the website often , will keep in touch Bilal
  11. Does any one know if his car is sold? Cheers Bilal
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