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  1. Next one will be number 4! lol
  2. I Miss My Starlet! Need to buy another one... Hmmm!
  3. See this on facebook! Bad times bro! Keep it and forge the fucker!
  4. Looked Like A Wicked Day & Some Great Pics!
  5. Yep! It's Diesel Time! Lol! We Will Back With Something Soon!
  6. Im No Longer Own This Beast! Got Offered A Deal I Couldnt Turn Down.. With Petrol Prices On The Rise & Working Less Hours I Had To Let Her Go! Thanks for all your help over the years!
  7. Hi Guys, How do you lot normally close the EFI Hole on the EFI Intake pipe that is left after installing a dump valve? Sorry for the newbie question... ive never fitted a Dump valve using a TMIC. Thanks Matt
  8. Welcome along mate! Wicked loving V!
  9. Best music video ever for Sparky as he loves black cock!
  10. Put A Tampon In! We Dont All Have Trust Issues Like You!
  11. Go Starlet... New Car's Are Crap!
  12. The New Wifey! Guess Who? She's On Here...
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