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  1. can anyone tell me why my posts that i put in parts for sale keeps getting deleted! 3 times now starting to get a bit peed off with it! ive reduced the size of the pics in photobucket so i dont see the problem!
  2. mine was smoking but not on boost and that was the turbo! can u just squirt some carb cleaner through the pcv???
  3. just get a bigger bar! anything will come undone with the right leverage! if not then heat! Freezing what that all about?????
  4. Hello everyone, is there anyone in the kent/gravesend area that fancies fitting my polybush engine mounts for me! I will obviously pay the price just not sure as i havent done them before! many thanks
  5. Hey everyone can anyone tell me if the standard engine mount bushes on my ep82 will need pressing out or can i get them out myself??? many thanks
  6. hi there im sorry i didnt make myself that clear lol! i meant a standard spec engine.. it has a decat and exhaust hks bov and soon to have mani!! so goin for a fmic will be worth it!
  7. hi i want to put a FMIC setup on my ep82 i want to do more bits to it along the way but want to put a front mount on it! will i get any lag what will it performlike?? will there be any difference at all?? any help would be great!
  8. hi! MY ep82 is delocked all round and i have a clifford. I dont know about the 91's but with the 82 i can get to the bonnet catch to get itopen and then you can charge the battery from then on if you need to. It makes the car look really clean and as long as youve got a goodalarm then youll be fine!!
  9. hi i have recently purchased my ep82 and want to fit my stereo! the only problem is, is that there is nothing in there to hold a stereo..... all i have got is a massive double din hole! Im assuming there is some sort of cage that bolts into the hole then the stereo bolts or fits into this but i have nothing! could someone help and possibly supply me with such a cage! many thanks!!
  10. is there a metal cage that bolts into the hole for the steeo? i have nothing in there at all! i wanna fit a stereo but theres nothing to support it!!!! help!!!
  11. hi do u do these and if so how much??
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