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  1. After a rad fan switch for 4efte. My fan stays on when plugged in so pretty sure switch is faulty. message or text Harry 07766001349
  2. currently going for £350 new on ebay so grab yourself a bargain.
  3. Item For Sale: Japspeed cat back exhaust system for ep91 Item Condition & Description: brand new, never used. Price: £150 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Pick up only from bradley stoke, Bristol.
  4. No did engine conversion 40 miles ago mate. Obviously a crap engine. Pretty pissed off but oh well better rebuild it and know ive got a decent base to get power from.
  5. Took rocker off and turned it over and oil then flowed out of oil return but the oil around the head is milky... headgasket is gone. Because i will take engine out what is worth doing rebuild wise? And where is best place to get parts and info? Also when the car ran before it was running hot.. pretty sure this was because of headgasket now?
  6. Took it off block. And yeah gunna check rocker cover tomorrow and see if its getting oil. Could something be blocked somewhere? Non stop problems with this engine grr. All help is appreciated.
  7. Yeah i did and it didnt prime so i took he feed off to see if it might be blocked and no oil was coming out even then :/ this is so crap. If oil pump is fucked then i bet the engine is too. Gunna get to a stage when i need to cut my losses.
  8. Went to prime new turbo and realised no oil is getting there. Took oil feed off and turned it over and no oil. Only driven it 40 milesish after ive done engine conversion. Is it oil pump fucked? Or something else? Would have thought engine would have seized. Would explain why old turbo died. Help people.
  9. Maybe selling mine soon if i go glanza front end. Pm me an offer.
  10. After adjustable actuator. Preferably hks. Pm me.
  11. I have one. Pm me an offer.
  12. Got a set of brand new pi springs. Would be looking at a week though as im holiday at the moment. 40mm drop still in the box. Harry
  13. If youve still got this in a week im interested. On holiday at the moment.
  14. Very tempting when i get funds together mate. Thats the problem with my old turbo... was sat around before i bought it so oil seals had perished... next minute oil is flying out of the dump valve lol.
  15. I shall if i can get my funds together. This on my 4efte converted Sr will do nicely. Need to get it running right first but this is too rare to miss lol
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