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I'm interested in speaking to the lads and lasses that have experienced the 6 speed boxes. 

Pros and cons. 

I'm Sam and loving the c60 cusco lsd , as well as the c160 TRD lsd, it came with. For me the difference was top speed and motorway Cruz rpm the c160 had a bigger top speed as well as lower 70mph Cruz rpm. 

But very impressed with how these things get you to your target speed very fast, very smooth constant acceleration. 

great video and explanation of the c60 6speed box in action 

Armstrong Family - YouTube

Stock Differential vs Cusco LSD | C60 Autocross Comparison - YouTube

6 Speed Yaris Autocross | #11 - YouTube 

how this box transforms power/acceleration/control from 80hp to 240hp is really impressive.   

The cons for me is the sudden throttle off unlocking of the diff. 

You have to be ready for the understeer and sudden torque steer that comes. 

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