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Hey lads

have a very clean EP95 that I am in the middle of converting to 4efte and need some help from you


i have the engine loom in place from the 91 but now have extra plugs that do not line up from the EP91 loom to the EP95


i would like to keep the EP95 dash if possible as it is MINT condition 


could anyone tell me what way the best way to manage the wiring and will I be running the 2 ECU’s or just the 4efte?


will get build thread up soon once I have it up and running 👍

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You really want to keep the ep95 engine loom fusebox and unplug only the engine ancillary loom from the ep95 fusebox. Then add the ep91 turbo engine ancillary loom to the existing loom.

This works on ep85 / ep82


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Ok perfect I read somewhere I use the original loom for starter alt and injectors but perfect that’s easy to swap around now as I still have the 2 looms just sat on top of the engine at the minute 


do I then run and keep the 2 ecu’s behind the glove box?

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